The WW1 Centenary Exhibition will draw broadly on narratives in the critically acclaimed new First World War Galleries at IWM London. Visitors will experience a multi-sensory, collections-rich and interactive personal journey of the war that changed the world.

350 objects chosen by expert curators from IWM’s world-class collection will feature when it opens at the Melbourne Museum in 2015, including:

  • Herbert Hillier’s sketch of Anzac Cove on the morning after the first landings at Gallipoli
  • Fragments of fabric and wood from Manfred von Richthofen’s Fokker triplane, allegedly shot down by Australian ground-fire
  • Rum ration cup from HMS Vindictive, damaged during the daring raid on German-held Zeebrugge

These objects, along with dramatic film, rare artworks, sounds and images will bring people face-to-face with stories that illuminate the experience and personal stories of war, and show how it was fought on such an enormous scale that spanned continents.

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