Following recent Government announcements, IWM London is closed until further notice. This means that the Research Room will also close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please keep checking back for updates.

The IWM Library is responsible for a unique national reference library with over 150,000 items on twentieth and twenty-first century conflict involving British and Commonwealth countries. Along with material on military units and campaign histories, we have biographies, manuals, items relating to the economic, social and cultural aspects of war, journals, newspapers, ephemera, propaganda and e-resources. As well as developing and managing the collection of printed, published and digital material, we make it available for research in the Research Room at Lambeth Road.

Research Room

A dedicated reference facility allowing public access to the library collection, original documents, sound recordings, photographs, material from the Museum Archive and the War Artists' Archive, published items and digital resources. 



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Explore around 800,000 items that tell the story of modern war and conflict, collected by the museum since 1917.
Cameramen in uniform: Sergeant Mike Lewis of the Army Film Unit posing with a De Vry, the camera most widely used by British combat cameramen.
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For commercial film researchers, we have a team of experienced specialist curators who can offer assistance.