Duxford Outdoors is open with access to the outdoor grounds only. Full access to IWM Duxford will be available when we reopen from 19 May 2021.
Opening hours: Wed – Sun, 10am – 4pm
Easter: Mon 12 – Sun 18 April, May Bank Holiday: Mon 3 – Sun 9 May
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Discover Duxford Outdoors


Discover Duxford Outdoors

Now Open
IWM Duxford
Duxford’s airfield and architecture have witnessed world-changing events. Its illustrious past is present all around when you walk the grounds of this historic site. Whilst our indoor spaces remain closed, you can still discover Duxford Outdoors. 
Family outside at IWM Duxford

Duxford Outdoors will be open to the public at a reduced ticket price. IWM Members receive free entry.

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Visit IWM Duxford

Visit IWM Duxford

Opening indoor spaces from 19 May 2021

IWM Duxford is Europe’s largest air museum. Walk through the same hangars and buildings as those who served at RAF Duxford and get up close to over a century of aviation.

In our new Ops Block exhibition and Battle of Britain hangar, learn about the RAF's aerial defence network, get up close to a Spitfire, Hurricane and crash-landed Messerschmitt.

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  • Squadron Leader P A Hunter (far left), the CO of No. 264 Squadron RAF, briefs his pilots by one of the Squadron's Boulton-Paul Defiants at Duxford, 31 May 1940.

    IWM Duxford stands apart from other aviation museums because the site is an exhibit itself. It played a central role in some of the most dramatic days in 20th century history - serving as a base for many of the Spitfire and Hurricane pilots during the Second World War. 

  • A pair of children look up at the nose of the B-17 in the American Air Museum

    Inside every hangar and exhibition - and outside them too - there are hundreds of large aircraft, vehicles, boats and more. Walk around them, inside them, above and below them and get the chance to see aircraft take off from our historic runway. 

  • Battle of Britain: Ops Block Operations Room

    Uncover hundreds of personal stories of the many lives impacted by conflict. There are stories behind every object on display at IWM Duxford - every aircraft, tank and gun, every medal photograph and flying jacket. 

No other museum tells stories that matter more than these

We Were There is Imperial War Museums’ remarkable programme where visitors can meet real life veterans and eyewitnesses of war. Although it’s not currently possible to meet our We Were There volunteers, you can discover more about the people behind the stories.

Portrait of Alex with medals
We Were There: Alex
“I was an RAF brat, so I’m obsessed by all types of aircraft.”  Alex served as an Infantry Officer, from Platoon Commander to Battlegroup Chief of Staff.
Mike, a veteran participating in IWM's We Were There programme
We Were There: Mike
"I was a pilot in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm) on HMS Ark Royal on the tour East of Suez 1965-66 and covered Malaysian and Indonesian conflicts, and the Beira Patrol."
John, a veteran participating in IWM's We Were There programme
We Were There: John
"I was a boy living in North Finchley, London for the whole of the Second World War, except for about 3 months when the V1’s flying bombs came over our house. My father decided that it was too dangerous to stay in our house."

Flying Days - On Sale Now

flying days standing together
Flying Days: Standing Together

IWM Duxford

22 May 2021

C-47 and Flying Days Commemorating D-Day title
Flying Days: Commemorating D-Day

IWM Duxford

6 June 2021

P-51 Mustangs with For Dads title script
Flying Days: Thank You Dads

IWM Duxford

20 June 2021

Stories from the museum

  • Evacuees from London explore the Devon countryside
    Evacuees from London explore the Devon countryside © IWM D 2222
    Home Learning Resources

    From spies to submarines and life on the home front, Imperial War Museums is sharing unique and personal stories from our extraordinary collections. 

  • Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird at IWM Duxford
    Museum Collection

    From archive photography to aircraft, explore around 800,000 items online that tell the story of modern warfare and conflict, collected by the museum since 1917.

  • A Group of Pilots of No. 303 Fighter Squadron
    IWM CH 1533

    From the First World War to the present day, explore our articles on war and conflict, and its impact on service personnel and civilians. 

Aviation Gifts
Discover our gifting ranges inspired by IWM Duxford’s historic site and military aircraft, from Spitfire socks to Battle of Britain books.
Free UK delivery on orders over £40

The Battle of Britain

With online collection stories, new exhibitions and virtual reality experiences, discover the Battle of Britain story with IWM Duxford.

Battle of Britain pilot Squadron Leader Brian 'Sandy' Lane looks tired after combat.
The strain of combat shows on Lane’s face as he consults with his pilots after a sortie. © IWM CH 1366
Battle of Britain
7 Pilots Who Flew In The Battle of Britain
Learn more about some of the pilots who participated in the Battle of Britain in 1940. 
Pilot Officers Jan "Donald Duck" Zumbach (left) and Mirosław "Ox" Ferić playing with the Squadron's mascot
© IWM CH 1537
Second World War
The Polish Pilots Who Flew In The Battle Of Britain
On 1 September 1939 the German Army, supported by the Air Force (Luftwaffe) and Navy (Kriegsmarine) invaded Poland from three sides. Polish defences, already strained under a powerful and innovative German assault, collapsed shortly after the Soviets launched their own invasion from the east on 17 September. 
Operations: Pilots seen running to their aircraft.
Battle of Britain
Listen To RAF Pilots Tell The Story Of The Battle Of Britain
RAF pilots were at the heart of the Battle of Britain. Just 3,000 men stood between Britain and a German invasion – those who Winston Churchill famously called ‘The Few’. From terrifying dogfights in the skies over England, to the impact of heavy losses and extreme fatigue, listen to the memories of the Battle of Britain RAF pilots.
IWM Duxford

Duxford Air Shows 2021

IWM Duxford

Duxford Air Shows 2021

Join our enews and be the first to know when 2021 Duxford Air Show tickets go on sale. Including the new Flying Days.
Duxford air shows 2021

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