Volunteers Nikki and Jasmine

At IWM we are extremely proud to be a volunteer involving organisation with over 1000 volunteers across our five sites.

Our volunteers help bring to life the stories of our collections, care for our many significant objects and promote great customer experiences.


Join us

Volunteers are central to our future and work.

Our opportunities are designed to be meaningful and enjoyable; we want to ensure you can give as much or as little as you like to our cause.

Our roles are valued across the organisation and offered flexibly from a few hours, day or weeks to a few years, onsite at one of our branches and offsite.

Find my volunteer role

I can give

  • A volunteer at work at HMS Belfast
    A regular commitment for 6 months or more


    Want to get onsite and up close to IWM operation, our experts and collections?


    Then this might be the best option for you.

  • A volunteer at work, scanning images
    A few weeks to a few months


    Studying a topic relevant to our subject matter? Or collections? Or museum business?


    Join us for a student placement on a full or part time basis.

  • A volunteer at work as part of the Hangar 5 conservation team at IWM Duxford
    One or two days


    Visiting London? In full time study or employment? Unsure whether a longer term volunteering commitment is for you?


    Join us for a taster day or two to explore where your skills and passion can help support our ambitions.

  • A volunteer at work on his computer
    A few hours


    Want to give your time and skills but don’t live close to Imperial War Museums?


    Contribute to our cause from home.

Meet us

  • Harry

    "What I enjoy most about my role … is the camaraderie of being with other volunteers. But it’s also about engaging with the public. You meet so many interesting people and every day is like a new adventure."

  • Volunteer Norma in action

    “I really enjoy talking to visitors, it keeps me going and keeps me young.”

  • David

    "Volunteering [days] are the best days of the week. I usually walk round with a silly smile on my face every Monday and Wednesday … It’s such fulfilling work to do, because I’m so interested in it personally, but also you’re mixing with a group people who share that interest."

  • Volunteer Paul in action

    “This course and this place has saved my life. I love working and connecting with the kids too and giving them a real life experience as a real life soldier, and overall this is helping me move onwards and forwards.”

  • Katya

    "Volunteering makes me feel incredibly proud and incredibly fortunate to be allowed to get so close to history … It’s incredibly rewarding but above all, mentally stimulating."

  • Volunteer Alan

    "It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of something that was so important and special to so many people."

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