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IWM has a number of UK commercial filming locations for TV, commercial film, photography and creative advertising shoot experiences that engage emotions and tell many different stories

We have diverse portfolio of filming spaces, including a wartime bunker, a Second World War battleship, an airfield and two stunning modern museums.

We also offer many behind-the-scenes areas and out-buildings, including a Second World War-era cinema, aircraft hangars, former chapels, basements, roofs with views of London, research rooms, archive stacks, and many corridors, fire exits and offices.

Contact our team:

IWM London, Churchill War Rooms, HMS Belfast and All Saints Building: 0207 416 5392 or email [email protected]

IWM Duxford: 01223 499 310 or email [email protected]

IWM North: 020 7091 3045 or email [email protected]

Churchill War Rooms

Second World War historic rooms providing period settings including winding corridors, operational map rooms, secret offices, period furniture and imposing desks.

HMS Belfast

Historic ship and recognisable London landmark with original Engine Room, Admiral’s Bridge, radar and gun turrets, mess desks and hammocks, 1950s bunks and officer’s sea cabins, kitchen, hospital surgery and remembrance chapel.

HMS Belfast also provides a location backdrop to Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the vibrant South Bank and the City of London.

IWM London

Stunning modern museum interior with historic aircraft, large public areas and imposing staircases combined with ionic columned Georgian exterior and domed chapel.

IWM North

Remarkable modern architecture, stunning waterfront location, spectacular views. Impressive selection of historic objects and vehicles in large open plan museum galleries.

IWM Duxford

The best-preserved Battle of Britain airfield in Britain, we not only have a range of 1930s and 1940s buildings, but also house a variety of static and airworthy aircraft, as well as a large collection of military vehicles - some of which are in running condition.

Features include historic aircraft and hangars, cinema and 1940s operations Room. Fully operational control Tower and airfield.

HMS Belfast Interior shot Helm
IWM, HMS Belfast Interior of helm