What is the IWM Institute?

Research: We are an Independent Research Organisation, working in partnership with leading universities, and our research services enable public access to IWM’s world class collections.

Programme: Our public programme of talks, performances and podcasts explore our major research themes, and support IWM's exhibition seasons and anniversaries.

Networks: We work in collaboration with our global network of experts, researchers, eyewitnesses and Associates.

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“We live in an age of information overload. Unlock your phone and fall into a black hole, a storm of click bait headlines and urgent alerts. Millions of tiny sound bites flitting past without context or depth. 

We live in an age of information weaponization. Alleged Russian meddling in US elections, accusations of interference in the Brexit vote. Sensationalism, misinformation, distortion, it leaves you wondering who can you trust? Are you getting the full story? Are your choices your own? It’s hard to sort fact from fiction from fake news. So where does this leave us on the big issues? War, conflict, suffering, power. Look at Syria, Yemen, Libya, where hundreds of thousands have been lost in the last few decades. When did these conflicts begin? How will they end? Why does it matter? 

The constant deluge of information and media images of catastrophes, can leave us feeling saturated and powerless and when problems feel this insurmountable, it’s tempting to turn away and switch off. 

But we don’t have to sleepwalk into this world. We can go deeper than the news cycle, connect with the people behind the headlines, see how 100 years of history gives us a clearer understanding of today and where we might be tomorrow. We can find a source of knowledge we trust and the time and space to make sense of it. A society based on understanding and compassion, that’s a very different place. Decide which world you want to live in.”


Associates are experts drawn from fields including the arts, media, academia, policy and the NGO sector. Associates work with IWM to develop creative new ways of deepening understanding of war and conflict.

  • Marcus Webb and Rob Orchard Profile Picture

    Marcus Webb and Rob Orchard

    Marcus Webb and Rob Orchard are the co-founders of The Slow Journalism Company and editors of Delayed Gratification.

  • Masuma Ahuja Profile Picture

    Masuma Ahuja

    Masuma Ahuja is an author, independent journalist and former Digital Editor at The Washington Post.

  • DrLinaKhatib

    Dr Lina Khatib

    Lina Khatib is Head of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House.

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Explore the IWM Institute's programme of talks, debates and podcasts.

Conflict of Interest podcast graphic
Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Series 1

Over seven episodes, we unpack some of the world’s most complicated recent conflicts, from the Northern Ireland "Troubles" to the Iraq War. 

Conflict of Interest podcast graphic
Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Series 2

A podcast which sees celebrities ask the simple questions about the most complex conflicts from the Cold-War era.

Pan Cooke - Before The War hero
Podcast Series

Conflict of Interest | Miniseries- Before The War

Before The War is a bonus mini-podcast and comic series from Conflict of Interest and illustrator @thefakepan which explores the lives of three artists whose worlds were changed by conflict.


Research is at the heart of the IWM Institute. Explore our work below.

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Research is a central pillar of the IWM Institute.

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Collaborative Doctoral Awards

Learn more about our Collaborative Doctoral Partnership programme, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

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Research Room

We provide access to a wide range of material in our Research Room including documents, printed material, photographs, sound recordings, IWM’s administrative records and e-resources. Booking is essential.