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Tour lasts approx. 60 minutes


Join our expert guides for an insightful tour of the award-winning First World War Galleries at IWM London.

Learn about the story of the First World War – how it started, why it continued, the events leading to its conclusion and its global impact – through the lives of those who experienced it on both the front line and the home front.

IWM expert guides draw on our unparalleled First World War collections – the richest and most comprehensive in the world, to give you an in depth look at the events that shook the world over a century ago.

About the tour

From Empire to Armistice Tour

This tour uses headsets to ensure you can hear your guide clearly throughout the galleries. Tours last approx. 60 minutes. Although our guides will try to be inclusive of all ages, this tour is most suitable for children aged 8 and above.

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Battle traffic seen at Grevillers on 25 August 1918, following the village's capture by the British 37th Division and the New Zealand Division at the start of the Hundred Days Offensive, a few days earlier. Mark V tanks of the 10th Battalion the Tank Corps and British and New Zealand infantry going forward. Also seen are captured German 4.2 inch guns etc.
First World War

How The Deadlock On The Western Front Was Finally Broken

The war on the Western Front had become one of attrition as 1917 drew to a close. The French Army was exhausted, having borne the brunt of the Allied effort and the trauma of Verdun. The British were beginning to suffer manpower shortages by early 1918, having increasingly taken over from the French in 1917.

Quick read 12 Paintings Of Life Along The Western Front 1. A Street in Arras  A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. Art.IWM ART 1607 A Street in Arras, 1918, by John Singer Sargent. Scottish infantrymen rest against the exterior wall of a shell-damaged building in Arras.  2. Oppy Wood  Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening, 1918, by John Nash. Oppy Wood, 1917. Evening, 1918, by John Nash.
© IWM Art.IWM ART (2243)
Western Front

12 Paintings Of Life Along The Western Front

Discover 12 paintings depicting life along the Western Front by a selection of artists.

Munition workers painting shells at the National Shell Filling Factory No.6, Chilwell
First World War

IWM: First World War Galleries Podcasts

Immerse yourself in IWM's Podcast series narrated by James Taylor, which will walk you through life in Britain and abroad during the First World War.

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First World War Galleries

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World War One Photos - Life in the Trenches in 1917. A well concealed German trench, between two-lines of trees. Gommecourt, given up in March 1917
First World War

Rare Personal Accounts of Life in the Trenches in 1917

Explore some of the real life stories of those who served in the trenches in 1917.