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    Colonial voices: <em>Mau Mau and the IWM’s Sound Archive</em>
    IWM’s Sound Archive is a remarkably rich source, comprising over 33,000 recordings relating to conflict since 1914. But oral histories need careful treatment as historical sources. This is exemplified in the IWM interviews that deal with Britain’s late-colonial conflicts: Aden, Malaya and, the subject of my own studies, the Mau Mau Uprising in Kenya, which lasted from 1952 to 1960.
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    Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme: Digital Intern Reflections
    In this guest blog Morris Brodie, Digital Intern at Aberystwyth University, reflects on a Residential held at IWM London bringing together Interns across the Partnership.
    National Museums NI: Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme (SWWHPP)
    In a year when the pandemic has limited our contact with others, it’s been stimulating to connect with new partners and think creatively about engaging people with the Second World War. Northern Ireland and conflict make most people think of the Troubles – local stories of the Second World War are often untold or unheard. 
    Remember Together – how history can unite as well as divide us
    In this guest post, SSN Member Steve Ballinger of British Future tells us about a project in collaboration with The Royal British Legion, that aims to bring people from different backgrounds together in remembrance of our shared history.
    Researching The War Illustrated magazine
    The War Illustrated was a British magazine published in the two world wars. In this guest post, University of Sheffield student Jennifer Arnold tells us about her research into First World War editions of the magazine, with a focus on the representation of Red Cross nurses.
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    Connecting Collections Amid COVID-19: Joint Blog by Imperial War Museums, The National Archives and BFI National Archives
    The Central Office of Information (COI) was created 75 years ago, producing films and campaigns to share key messages with the British population. In this post, Michelle Kirby (IWM Film Curator, Cold War/late 20th-century conflict), Sarah Castagnetti (TNA, Visual Collections), and Patrick Russell (BFI Senior Curator, Non-fiction) explain how they are teaming up for an ambitious new project showcasing highlights from their COI collections.
    On Entanglements: Meet Paula, Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme Digital Intern
    Guest blog by Paula Kolar, Second World War and Holocaust Partnership Programme Digital Intern