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Popular Themes

  • An RAF Chinook helicopter in flight.
    © IWM CT 730


    The United States will host a NATO summit in 2024 to mark the 75th anniversary of the alliance. The archival NATO collection provides a unique insight into the Cold War era.

  • A survivor from a sunk American landing craft being helped ashore, Omaha assault area, 6 June 1944.
    © IWM EA 26319


    The largest seaborne invasion in history, the Normandy Landings were a key turning point in the Second Word War.

  • A large mushroom cloud from a British nuclear weapon test near Christmas Island (Kiritimati) in the central Pacific, late 1950s.
    © IWM TR 65682B

    Nuclear Warfare

    Discover the history of Britain’s nuclear weapons via our collections.

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Collections online

Explore over 1 million items from IWM's collections that tell the story of war and conflict.

Churchill War Rooms Interior Hall
© IWM, Churchill War Rooms

Commercial filming locations

Our locations provide commercial film, TV, photography and creative advertising shoot experiences that engage emotions and tell many different stories.

Actor Gary Oldman visits Churchill War Rooms during promotion for his film Darkest Hour
© Churchill War Rooms

Curator Consultancy

IWM is a leading authority on conflict and its impact, focusing on Britain, its former Empire and the Commonwealth, from the First World War to the present. IWM’s curators are experts in their field and can provide reliable guidance and information for commercial projects such as feature films, documentaries and consumer products.