IWM has a unique collection covering all aspects of twentieth and twenty-first century conflict involving Britain, the Commonwealth and other former Empire countries. The collection is an unparalleled resource for understanding contemporary warfare and its impact on individuals, communities and nations.

Many of the materials from the IWM’s image, sound and film collections are available to purchase and license for use in commercial projects and products.

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IWM's photograph collection covers all aspects of modern conflict from the Crimean War to the present day. Find out how to order and licence images, or order artistic prints.


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IWM's film collection covers social, political and military aspects of conflicts.

Many of our films can be researched, viewed and downloaded from IWM Film or researched and viewed by searching our collection.

IWM has a team of experienced film curators who offer assistance to commercial researchers. For expert advice on the IWM film collection including researching online, researching film material that is not yet listed online, viewing appointments, ordering time-coded DVD screeners, licence fees and the supply of broadcast format copies, please contact filmcommercial@iwm.org.uk

IWM film material is released for commercial use under IWM’s standard terms and conditions subject to the essential requirements of the care and preservation of the original material and copyright. Licence fees are charged for the use of IWM film material in commercial projects.


Telephone: +44 (0)20 7416 5309
Email: imagesales@iwm.org.uk

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Material supplied from the IWM Collections for commercial uses is subject to our terms and conditions.

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