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As a charity IWM relies on a wide range of individuals and organisations to help us continue to tell the personal stories of war and conflict for current and future generations to come.

Our aim is to help people, as global citizens, make sense of today by having a deeper understanding of the connections between past conflict and the contemporary world.

When you join our IWM family as a Patron you will become a vital part of our community of supporters, unified by a passion for history and its impact on today’s world, keeping history alive and relevant for future generations.

Our Patrons' philanthropic support allows us to engage and present our vast collections to over 2.4 million visitors each year through our permanent galleries, thought-provoking exhibitions, digital offerings, IWM Institute and a year long calendar of events and learning programmes designed to offer opportunities to explore, discuss and debate the causes of war and its impact on people’s lives.

There are multiple circles of patronage to choose from, with each unlocking unique benefits and bespoke opportunities:

  • Exhibitions Circle £1,500 - £2,499 per annum (benefits £491, suggested donation £1,009)
  • Learning Circle £2,500 - £4,999 per annum (benefits £746, suggested donation £1,754)
  • Conservation Circle £5,000 - £9,999 per annum (benefits £896, suggested donation £4,104)
  • Curatorial Circle £10,000 - £19,999 per annum (benefits £1,146, suggested donation £8,854)

Download our brochure to see more information on how you can join our community of Patrons and the opportunities this would unlock.

To start a conversation about what your gift could achieve, or for further information about our forthcoming Patrons events, please contact Dr Andrew Higgins, Director of Development at [email protected]

IWM Chairman's Circle

The Chairman’s Circle starts with support over £10,000 per annum and offers a unique opportunity to develop your own bespoke year-long relationship with IWM, including having exclusive access to our team of IWM Curators through private tours and curated programs based on your specific needs and interests.

For more information please contact Dr Andrew Higgins, Director of Development at [email protected]. 

IWM Duxford Circle

A father holds a young child standing in front of a biplane at IWM Duxford
A father and son explore IWM Duxford’s rich history

Our IWM Duxford Circle supporters play a crucial role in the transformation of IWM Duxford. Our ambitions for IWM Duxford match the unique importance of this site and our collections now and for the future. Funding from the Duxford Giving Circle will make the following projects possible:

  • A new dynamic visitor programme using the world-class knowledge and enthusiasm of our staff and volunteers to provide face-to-face interpretation of the stories behind the objects on display. Digital imagery, object handling and live presentations will give visitors access to our collections in new ways.
  • The conservation of key historical objects, historic buildings and landscapes such as the Victor XH648, our First World War Hangers and technical workshops and our Second World War Control Tower.
  • Bring historic Duxford to life through the installation of silhouettes of the people who worked at Duxford between 1917-1961 allowing visitors to engage with their stories and the history that happened on that spot.
  • Offer visitors the opportunity to learn more about the science and engineering aspects of Duxford through interactive talks and demonstrations in Hanger 5.

Support through the IWM Duxford Circle offers you a unique way to support these efforts and become more involved with IWM Duxford and the personal stories it tells.

To learn more about this program and how you can play a crucial role in helping IWM tell the personal stories of Duxford - a place where history happened - please contact:

Dr Andrew Higgins, Director of Development, at [email protected]. 

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