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Memorial details

Memorial type
Roll of honour or book of remembrance
Second World War (1939-1945), Second World War - civilians
Mr R M Colman
  • Unveiled
    Date: 6 October 1946
    Attended by: Captain Thomas Shanks of Denny
  • Dedicated
    Date: 6 October 1946
    Attended by: Revd A. E. M. Thomson
Not lost
WM Reference
Current location

Reference CH3/704/65
Falkirk Archives- Callendar House
Callendar Road

OS Grid Ref: NS 89867 79350
Denomination: Undefined

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Previous locations
  • The former Dennyloanhead Church- now flats
    A803 between Bonnybridge and Longcroft
    just before the A872 junction

    OS Grid Ref: Undefined
    Denomination: Church of Scotland
A hand drawn and illuminated Roll of Honour- a work of art
Dennyloanhead/Church of Scotland- Roll of Honour/[names in 3 columns]
Inscription legible?
  • Second World War (1939-1945)
    Total names on memorial: 131
    Served and returned: 127
    Died: 4
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, forenames, rank, service
    Order of information: surname THEN forename
  • Second World War - civilians
    Total names on memorial: 5
    Served and returned: 5
    Died: 0
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, forenames, service
    Order of information: surname
  • Roll of honour
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Undefined
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A
Details: Mr R M Colman
  • Transcription: Dennyloanhead Church of Scotland, Roll of Honour 1939 - 1945 Dennyloanhead Church of Scotland WW2 Roll of Honour (Dated September 1946) ALEXANDER, Walter Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers ANDERSON, A. D. Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women’s) ANDERSON, Isa Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women’s) ANDERSON, Robert Royal Navy ANDERSON, Thomas Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders BABB, John Royal Scots? BARR, Johnstone Navy, Army & Air Force Institutes (N.A.A.F.I.) BARR, Archie Royal Engineers BARR, Peter Fleet Air Arm BENSON, J. Royal Air Force BLACK, Roy S. Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers BLACK, Richard M. Gordon Highlanders BLACK, Finlay Royal Navy BOSLEM, David Royal Air Force BOSLEM, James Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) BOSLEM, Robert Royal Artillery BOYD, James Royal Army Ordnance Corps BOYD, John Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders BROWN, Allan Royal Air Force BRYSON, William Royal Air Force BUCHANAN, Ian Royal Signal Corps? BULLOCH, A. Royal Air Force COCKBURN, James King’s Own Scottish Borderers COOK, John Royal Air Force COULTER, George Royal Army Service Corps COULTER, James Royal Engineers (Listed on Longcroft Civic, Bonnybridge Civic & Denny Cemetery) DICKSON, James Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders DICKSON, J. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) DICKSON, J, Reconnaissance Corps (R.E.C.C.E.) DOBBIE, R. G. Essex Regiment DOBBIE, Thomas United States Navy? DOUGLAS, John Royal Navy DUNCAN, John Royal Signals (Corps of) DUNCAN, William? Pioneer Corps DYER, Osborne Royal Artillery ELLIS, Helen Women’s Auxiliary Air Force ELLIS, Peter Royal Army Ordnance Corps FAULDS, Dan Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Listed on Longcroft Civic & Denny Cemetery) FLEMING, Andrew Royal Air Force FLEMING, James Royal Mechanical & Electrical Engineers FLETCHER, James Royal Air Force FORBES, M. Women’s Auxiliary Air Force FORSYTH, Alec. Royal Army Service Corps FOTHERINGHAM, William Royal Air Force FRASER, Campbell Royal Air Force FRASER, Hamish (John) Royal Army Ordnance Corps (Listed on Longcroft Civic, Bonnybridge Civic & Denny Cemetery) FRASER, Ian Gordon Highlanders GALBRAITH, Nan Women’s Royal Naval Service GILLESPIE, Ruby Women’s Auxiliary Air Force GILLESPIE, C. C. Royal Air Force GILLESPIE, I. M. Women’s Auxiliary Air Force GILLIES, G. Royal Army Service Corps GRACIE, Hugh Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) GRACIE, James Royal Air Force GUY, John Royal Corps of Signals GUY, Robert Royal Air Force HAMILTON, James Royal Air Force HAMILTON, Lewis Royal Navy HANNAH, Allan Royal Air Force HANNAH, John Royal Air Force HARLEY, Alec. Royal Army Ordnance Corps HEEPS, May A. Women’s Royal Naval Service. HERMISTON, James Army Cyclist Corps? HUTCHISON, William Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders JOHNSTONE, William Royal Air Force JOHNSTONE, A. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders KEIR, Richard Royal Army Medical Corps KNIGHT, W. Women’s Land Army LEISHMAN, John Royal Air Force MANZIE, Charles Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers MANZIE, Robert Royal Air Force MARR, William Reconnaissance Corps (R.E.C.C.E.) MARSHALL, Agnes Women’s Land Army MARSHALL, Alexander Royal Corps of Signals? MARSHALL, J. Royal Artillery MARSHALL, Jessie Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women’s) MARSHALL, Thomas Royal Navy MARSHALL, William Royal Engineers McDADE, James Royal Army Service Corps McGREGOR, Margaret Women’s Royal Naval Service McGILVARY, Alexander Gordon Highlanders McGROUTHER, Ron Royal Army Service Corps McINTYRE, D. Royal Air Force McINTYRE, John Royal Air Force McINTYRE, R. Royal Engineers McKENDRY, James Royal Artillery McKENZIE, H. R. Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women’s) McLAREN, Jean Young Women’s Christian Association McLAGGAN, Alexander? Tank Corps McTAGGART?, D. Royal Air Force McWATT, Jessie Women’s Auxiliary Air Force NICOL, William Royal Army Service Corps NIVEN, J. C? Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve PATERSON, Robert Royal Air Force PATERSON, George Royal Air Force? PORTEOUS, George Royal Army Medical Corps PROFFIT, John Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders PROFFIT, Johnstone Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders RUSSELL, A. Royal Air Force RUSSELL, Alec. Royal Army Ordnance Corps RUSSELL, James Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers SHARP, McLintock Auxiliary Territorial Service (Women’s) SHERMAN, Norman Royal Air Force SHIRRA, Eliza Women’s Royal Naval Service SHIRRA, Janet Women’s Auxiliary Air Force SHIRRA, Chrissie Women’s Auxiliary Air Force SIME, G. Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers SIME, Janet Women’s Royal Naval Service SIMPSON, W. D. Royal Army Medical Corps SMALL, Alec. Royal Army Ordnance Corps SMITH, Andrew Pioneer Corps SMITH, Nettie United Nations Relief & Rehabilitation Administration (U.N.R.R.A.) STEWART, Robert Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders STEWART, I? R? Royal Air Force STEWART, R. M. Royal Artillery STEWART, William Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders (Listed on Bonnybridge Civic) THOMSON, Edwin Royal Navy THOMSON, Ronald Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers TORRANCE, J? McK. Royal Air Force TOTTEN, John Royal Artillery WALKER, William Royal Artillery WANDS, A. A. P. Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders WANDS, E? M. Women’s Royal Naval Service WANDS, E. F. Women’s Royal Naval Service WANDS, J. Royal Armoured Corps WANDS, John Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers WANDS, William Royal Artillery WILSON, James Royal Air Force WELSH, Alec. Royal Air Force WELSH, R. United States Forces WEST, John Royal Army Ordnance Corps WEST, William Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders WHITE, Andrew Royal Air Force WILSON, Peter Royal Army Medical Corps WRIGHT, Robert Royal Artillery YEAMAN, G. R. Royal Air Force
  • Falkirk Herald, 12th October 1946. ‘War Memorial Unveiled’ There was a large congregation in Dennyloanhead Church last Sunday to witness the unveiling of a Roll of Honour and a Mural Tablet in memory of those who served and those who gave their lives in the World War, 1939 – 1945. Miss Jean Day rendered two solos, ‘Crossing the Bar’ and ‘The Flowers o’ the Forest’. The unveiling was done by Capt. Thomas Shanks, Denny, and the Scripture Lessons were read by two ex-prisoners of war, Messrs John Boyd and Ribert Guy, The service was conducted by the rev. A. E. M. Thomson, who took for his subject “The Value of Sacrificeâ€�. At the close of the sermon, Capt. Shanks unveiled the memorials and paid tribute to the memory of the fallen. The prayer of dedication was then offered, after which Mr. Izatt, of the British legion (Bonnybridge Branch) placed a wreath of Flanders Poppies. The inscription on the Mural Tablet reads: “In faithfull remembrance of the following, who made the supreme sacrifice in the World War, 1939-1945 - James Coulter, Dan Faulds, Hamish Fraser, William Stewart. Faithful Unto Death.â€� After the benediction had been pronounced, ‘The last Post’ was sounded by Messrs Crane and Burnett. The Roll of Honour was written and gifted by Mr. R. M. Colman and the Mural Tablet by the members of Dennyloanhead Women’s Voluntary Service.

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