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Memorial details

Memorial type
First World War (1914-1918), VC or GC Recipients
  • Unveiled
    Date: 15 August 1920
    Attended by: Lieutenant-Colonel F.A. Dixon, D.M.G., D.S.O., R.A.
  • Dedicated
    Date: 15 August 1920
    Attended by: Rev. F.G. Chevassut, M.A. Vicar
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Not lost
WM Reference
Current location

St Jude's Church
Didsbury Street

OS Grid Ref: SD 70038 28163
Denomination: Church of England

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Previous locations
  • In the grounds
    Blackburn Cathedral
    Cathedral Close
    BB1 5AA

    OS Grid Ref: SD 68365 27989
    Denomination: Church of England
  • St Thomas' Church
    Lambeth Street
    BB1 1LE

    OS Grid Ref: Undefined
    Denomination: Church of England
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A decorative celtic cross with tapering shaft, pedestal and two stepped stone base. Inscription is carved on the shaft, followed by names which are carved on the pedestal. Capital lettering in black.
Front face-THIS MONUMENT IS ERECTED / IN MEMORY OF THE BRAVE MEN / FROM ST THOMAS'S CHURCH / AND SCHOOL WHO GAVE THEIR / LIVES FOR THEIR COUNTRY / IN THE GREAT WAR 1914-1919 / AND WHOSE NAMES ARE / INSCRIBED BELOW / GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS Reverse face-This Memorial Was Unveiled By Lieutenant-Colonel F.A. Dixon, D.M.G., D.S.O., R.A./And Dedicated By The Rev. F.G. Chevassut, M.A. Vicar, On Sunday August 15th 1920
Inscription legible?
Names on memorial
Alker, J
Almond, F
Almond, J
Anderson, D
Aspin, J
Baker, H
Baron, N
Barton, T
Beardsworth, R
Beardsworth, R
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  • First World War (1914-1918)
    Total names on memorial: 179
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 179
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initials of forenames, rank, decorations
    Order of information: surname
  • VC or GC Recipients
    Total names on memorial: 1
    Served and returned: 0
    Died: 1
    Exact count: yes
    Information shown: surname, initial of forename, rank, decorations
    Order of information: Undefined
  • Cross
    Measurements: Undefined
    Materials: Stone
Listing information
Trust fund/Scholarship
Purpose: Unknown or N/A
  • Lancashire Evening Telegraph Thursday, 17 July 2003 - "Memorial is moving back home"
  • Picture and details of the unveiling in: 'St Thomas Church, Blackburn Centenary 1865 - 1965', by Keith Kenyon
  • The names on the Roll: Pte.J. Alker; Pte.F. Almond; Std J. Almond; Cpl. D. Anderson; Pte.J. Aspin; Pte. H. Baker; Sgt. N. Baron; Pte.T. Barton; Pte.R. Beardsworth; Pte.R. Beardsworth; Pte.J. Berry; Gnr. T. Bibby; Pte.D. Bleasdale; Dvr. W. Bleasdale; R.N. J. Bolton; Pte.R. Bolton; Pte.J. Bottomley; Pte.T. Bottomley. Sig. O. Booth M.M.; Pte.W. Bradley Pte.E. Briggs; Pte.T. Briggs; Pte.J. Brighouse; Pte.J. Brown; Pte.F. Burgess; Pte.J. Butterworth; Pte.J.F. Carter; Pte.W.E. Carter; Sgt. R. Catlow; Pte.W. Catlow; Cpl. T. Chaples; Pte.T. Charnock; Pte.J. Cheetham; Pte.A. Clarke; Rfn.. T. Clayton; Pte. J. Cook; Pte. F. Cox; Pte. A. Dawson; L.Cpr. J. Denny; Pte.J.E. Dewhurst; Pte.T. Dewhurst; Pte T. Doughty; Pte.F. Duxbury; Pte.A. Earnshaw; Pte.C.A.G. Eastwood Pte. H. Eddleston; Pte. R.T. Edmondson; Pte. F.W. Eccles; L/Cpl J. Fielding; Pte. F. Fenor; Pte. J.A Fuller; Rfn. H.H. Fortescue; 2Lt. F. Gertson D.C.M.; Cpl. G. Gregson Pte. J. Garth; Pte. J. Green; Pte. W.C. Greenhalgh; Pte. F. Greenwood; Pte. W. Gregory; Pte. H.H. Gregson; R.N. E. Hargreaves; Pte. I. Hargreaves; Dvr. J. Hargreaves; Pte. R. Hargreaves; L/c. R Hargreaves; Pte. T. Hargreaves; Pte H. Harrison; Pte. F. Harwood; Dvr. P.D. Harwood; Pte. F. Heaton; Pte. G. Henshall; Pte. W.H. Hindle; Gnr. R. Hodson; Pte J. R. Hogg; S.M. J.W. Holden; Gnr. R.S. Holden; Pte. H. Horsefield; Pte. J. Howard; Pte. E. Howarth; L/Cpl. H. Huckerby; Pte. F.S. Hutchinson; Pte. F. Hyde; Pte. R. Isherwood; Pte. A. Jackson; Pte. A. Jones Pte. J.E. Kearton; Pte. R. Kenyon; Pte. W. Kenyon; Pte. J. Kershaw; Sgt. J.T. Knowles; Sgt. H. Lancaster M.M.; Sgt. T.H. Lancaster. L/Cpl. W.R. Lowe; Pte. W.B. Lancaster; Pte. R Lawson; Pte. R.S. Lee; Pte. A. Litherland ; Pte. E. Litherland ; Pte. R. Livesey; Pte. Longworth; Pte. T. Lund; Pte. E. Lund; Sct. R. Lowther; Pte. W. Lowther; Pte. H. Maden; Pte. A. Markland; Pte. S. Markland; Pte. T.E. Marron; Pte. C.H. Marsh; Pte. A. Metcalf; Pte. J. Morley; Pte. P. Morley; Pte E. Morris; Cpl. A Mortermer; Cpl. J. Nuttall; Pte. J. Parker; Pte. F. Parkinson; Pte. C Parkinson; Pte. J. Pickup; Pte. T. Pickup; Pte. H. Pope; Pte. J.B. Porter; Pte. J. Rawlinson; Pte. W. Read; Pte. H. Richards; Pte. T. Riches; Pte. W.H. Rigby; Pte. H. Riley; Pte. T. Rawcliffe; Pte. H. Robinson; Pte. J. Rostron; Pte. H.B. Rushton; Pte. J. Rushton; Gnr. A. Richards; 2Lt. C.F. Sames; Sgt. J.E. Sanderson; Cpl. F. Schofield; 2Lt. J. Schofield V.C.; Pte. C. Scholes; Pte. E. Sharples; Pte. J. Sharples; Pte. E. Shaw; Pte. F. Shaw; Pte. H. Shorrock; Pte. J. Simms; Rfn. R. Simpson; Pte. J.R. Singleton; Sgt. A.E Smith; Pte. J. Smith; Pte. T. Smith; Pte. F. Sowerbutts; Pte. R. Speight; Pte. H. Spencer; Pte. R. Stewart; Pte. A. Stevenson; Pte. J. Stones; Pte. F. Street Pte. J. Strong; Pte. D. Summer; Pte. A. Sutton; Pte. C. Swindlehurst; Pte. J.J. Turner; Rfn. W. Turner; Pte. J.W. Walmsley; Pte. C. Walsh; Pte. J. Walsh; Pte. P Walsh; Pte. W. Walsh; Pte. J.T. Walton; Pte. H. Webster;Pte. H. Webster;Pte.Jno. Whalley; Pte. Jos. Whalley; Pte. J.D. White; Pte. W. Whitehead; Sgt. T. Wild; 2Lt. P.A. Woodhouse; Dvr. Woods; L/Cpl. W. Wren​.
  • Blackburn Weekly Telegraph 28 June 1919 and 21 August 1920
  • Blackburn Times 21 August 1920

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