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Hindsight in 2020 is a series of online conversations examining modern war and conflict, using history as a lens through which to view the present. The series delves deep into the most important geopolitical issues of the day, from China/US relations, to online disinformation and hybrid war, to the impact of coronavirus on refugees around the world. It will also shine a light on important stories currently drowned out by overwhelming media coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.


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Coronavirus and the Language of War
Are we at war with Covid-19? The language used by politicians and journalists would suggest so, with doctors and nurses often described as being on the ‘front line’ and the spirit of World War II invoked to raise national morale. BBC Newsnight’s Mark Urban, Historian Margaret MacMillan and The Times’ Philip Collins ask whether battling a contagious disease is really comparable to an army of enemy combatants.
Brave New World: The Post Pandemic Global Order
Can experiencing a crisis create opportunities to reimagine societies and will the Coronavirus emergency provide a chance to design a fairer and more resilient world? Join technologist Ben Hammersley, historian Lucy Noakes and journalist and author Kenan Malik to discuss the post pandemic global order.
Can History Explain Current China Tensions?
BBC Newsnight’s Mark Urban, economist Linda Yueh and China expert Rana Mitter examine how we can use history as a guide to better understand China’s actions and attitudes towards the West.

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With media attention currently tuned to the impact of Covid-19 on Western nations, how much do we know about its effect on refugees fleeing conflict in their home countries? 

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