Syria: A Conflict Explored - We Were There

Syria: A Conflict Explored - We Were There

A range of people, some of whom have fled Syria and others who have worked there shared their stories of life in the country before and during the conflict in our pop-up Conflict Café.

Syrian drinks and delicacies were provided by Imad’s Syrian Kitchen, a restaurant set-up by chef and former refugee Imad Alarnab. 

Discussion groups were encouraged not only to listen, but to ask questions in the hope of gaining a more personal understanding of the realities of a seemingly distant crisis.

In this video participants share their thoughts and feelings after taking part in conversations.

This event was part of Syria: A Conflict Explored, a season of exhibitions and events taking place at IWM London, reflecting upon the ongoing conflict in Syria. 

This season includes the photography exhibition, Sergey Ponomarev: A Lens on Syria and object display, Syria: Story of a Conflict.

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Shelly kittleson
© Shelly Kittleson
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