Parabellum M1913 [2nd issue] (IWM) & Parabellum l.MG 14

Catalogue number
  • FIR 9243
  • whole: L: 122cms BL: 70cms Calibre: 7.92 x 57
Alternative names
  • full name: Parabellum M1913 [2nd issue] (IWM) & Parabellum l.MG 14
  • simple name: medium machinegun, short recoil, belt feed
Weapons and ammunition

© IWM (FIR 9243)

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The Parabellum l.MG 14 was the standard flexibly-mounted machine-gun used in German aircraft between 1916 and 1918. It was a development of the Maxim machine-gun, in which a redesign of the internal mechanism offered a lighter overall weight, coupled with an increased rate of fire. The 'l' in the designation indicated that the weapon was air cooled (luftgekühlte) - the original Parabellum MG, which saw some use on airships, was water cooled. This is a mid-production Parabellum which has been fitted with a recoil intensifier to enhance the rate of fire. Parabellums were fitted in single or double mounts in the rear of German two-seater aeroplanes, and as defensive armament in bombers.

Physical description

Parabellum machine gun, abberant, circular top-cover catch, long drum bracket fitted (for 200 round drum?), foresight missing, auxiliary belt release lever fitted, unidentified device attached to trigger, fitted with recoil intensifier

Stamped on left of receiver


Stamped on top of receiver

DWM monogram with pendant H in fleur-de-lys

Stamped on bolt & clip on top of barrel jacket


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