IWM provides history teachers and students in UK schools and colleges with everything they need to explore the course, causes and consequences of conflict from the First World War to the present day.

Find out about life on board a Second World War battleship, compare First World War poetry with soldiers' trench art or explore the science of flight in the shadow of Concorde.

Visiting and Learning Sessions

A visit to one of IWM's five branches will:

  • Develop students’ skills of historical enquiry
  • Boost their understanding of cause and consequence, chronology and historical significance
  • Explore interpretation using our unparalleled national Collections

Visits can be self directed and incorporate investigation of our historic sites as well as exploration of a range of exhibitions and galleries.

During term time schools can also choose to include one of our learning sessions in their visit. These are curriculum-mapped for History, Art, Citizenship, Science or Literacy and involve artefact handling and evaluating evidence.