Receiver, M.C.R.1 Miniature Communications Receiver, British

Catalogue number
  • COM 691
  • whole: metal
  • whole: 1, 216, 51, 89
Alternative names
  • full name: Receiver, M.C.R.1 Miniature Communications Receiver, British
  • simple name: Receiver, British

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The M.C.R.1 set was designed by Major John Brown, Royal Signals,and was a full-range, superheterodyne receiver with five miniature tubes. It was powered by a special battery, or with a separate power supply, by a A.C/D.C current of 97 to 250 volts. Four knobs controlled aerial adjustment, sensitivity, regeneration for telegraph reception, & the frequency dial.Four plug-in coil units covered the frequency ranges 150 kilocycles to 15 megacycles.Both RT and CW could be received.

History note

Approximately 10,000 sets were made, & about a half of this total were issued to the French Marquis and other clandestine networks. By 1942 the Germans were fully aware of the messages passed to various underground movements by the BBC as 'personal messages' and from HQ transmitters in London. Extensive jamming was implemented to counter this traffic. The M.C.R.1 was designed to resist/surmount this jamming.It was known colloquially as the 'Biscuit Receiver' since it was air dropped to clandestine units in two-pound Huntley & Palmer biscuit tins.The tin also contained the four coil units, 3 batteries, or two batteries witha power supply pack, 30' of aerial wire, and 10' of ground wire.

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