Monty's Office Caravan ( Leyland Retriever )

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  • 4109.50.1
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IWM Duxford
  • whole: Height 126 in, Length 24 ft, Width 8 ft
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  • Monty's Office Caravan ( Leyland Retriever )
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WW2 Italian caravan body remounted on a British 6x4 truck chassis. Used as an office by General Montgomery as a part of his mobile tactical headquarters.

History note

This is one of 3 vehicles that Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery used as his personal working and living quarters. This caravan was originally built in Italy, mounted on a Lancia Chassis. It was initially used by General Annabele 'Electric Whiskers' Bergonzoli, Commander of the Italian 23rd Corps, who was captured at Beda Fomm, south of Benghazi in February 1941. It was then mounted on a Leyland Retriever chassis and used by Lieutenant-General N.M. Ritchie, one of Montgomery's predecessors as Commander-in-Chief of the 8th Army. When Montgomery assumed command this caravan became his only home until towards the end of the North African Campaign in May 1943. Churchill stayed in the caravan when he visited Montgomery in the desert. When Montgomery acquired a second caravan in May 1943 this vehicle became his office & was used by him during the campaigns in Sicily, Italy, and North-West Europe (1943-1945).

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