Stop the War Coalition Poster Number 8 [War Kills]

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM PST 8861
Art and Popular Design
Production date
Place made
Great Britain
Subject period
  • Support: paper
  • medium: lithograph
  • Support: Height 593 mm, Width 418 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: Poster

© The artist

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Object description

whole: The poster has a white background. Across the top of the sheet is a line of green type with a green and black circular logo in the upper right corner. The majority of the page is filled by the image. Below the image is a large line of black type contained in a thin black box. image: A collaged image of a soldier standing in a pool of blood, made from tobacco packaging and red paint. They are placed in such a way that the government health warnings are prominently displayed and over-written by the artist to convey anti-war messages. Cigarettes are arranged around the soldier to form a landscape of mosques and oil refineries. text: 'Stop the War Coalition Poster number 8 by Ralph Steadman 2003. War kills. Soldiers die younger. War clogs the arteries and causes heart attacks and stokes. Government Health Warning'.


Posters sold to fundraise for 'Stop The War Coalition'.

Physical description

Eighth in a set of 8 posters sold separately.

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