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  • ADM 544
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Object description

A human torpedo and the X-craft Extant are demonstrated in the waters of a Scottish loch.

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A chariot, without warhead, is lowered into the water by a derrick on the cameraship - CU as it comes to deck level and HA onto the controls as crewmen fend it off the side - it is marked X.S. 59 near the tail. Once in the water the chariot is boarded by two men in diving suits and Sladen breathing apparatus - the torpedo makes off, circles about near the cameraship, the crew's heads showing above water, then submerges and re-surfaces. The chariot returns to the ship and the crewmen climb onboard to be divested of their underwater gear. CU of the two crewmen without their suits. Cut to shot of midget submarine X.25 underway on the surface of the loch, first being conned by her captain (Lieutenant) from the deck, and then closed up - she raises her periscope and dives. CU of periscope cutting the water. MSs of X-craft trimmed down and diving. LS-CU as the craft steams on the surface at speed - her commander looks to camera as the craft passes close by. CU fine on the port bow as the midget closes on the camera. Cut to scene onboard as divers are suited up. The two men walk along the deck to chariot (still without warhead) resting on a cradle - they mount the machine and the pilot works the controls. HA.CU onto control position - a man works the attitude control. The torpedo is lowered into the water, and the two divers climb down and board. MS sequence as the chariot runs just below the surface, porpoising. Continuation of X-craft sequence with MS-MCU as the midget closes on the cameraship - the name Extant and a leaping gazelle symbol are visible painted on the deck coaming - the Lieutenant who has been conning the ship goes below and the midget submerges. MS as she resurfaces. CU as the Lieutenant re-emerges and sets up the ship's ensign staff with flag. The captain poses framed in hatchway with his three-man crew behind him standing on the deck. He raises the air induction pipe.

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