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An edition of the British official newsreel "War Pictorial News", produced by the Ministry of Information, Middle East.

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I. 'LONDON CAN TAKE IT.' Some footage derived from COI 943, LONDON CAN TAKE IT. General scenes of destruction in London. An unexploded bomb in the St Paul's area of the city. Various views of deserted streets and bomb damaged buildings. Commentary states "Londoners still continue to get to work one way or the other", over scenes of smartly dressed office workers commuting by horse and cart. "King and Queen visit bombed area". King George VI consoles the homeless in an unidentified bombed area in London. Bomb damaged hospitals and churches. Rescue work. "The spirit of London remains intact". '3026 Brought down over England.' German Dornier Do 17Z tail fin recovered by air raid wardens. Downed Messerschmitt Bf 110 fighter is examined closely by British troops in a field. Aircraft's MG 17 machine guns evident. Crowd viewing wrecked and burnt-out German Heinkel He 111 bomber. "Evidence of Germany's overwhelming air defeat". Downed Luftwaffe Feldwebel (Senior Sergeant) is led to captivity. A comrade receives medical attention from a Royal Navy Surgeon.

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II. 'BRITAIN PREPARES TO STRIKE.' British Prime Minister Winston Churchill descends from a transport aircraft then inspects British troops before viewing sandbagged command post and coastal defence railway gun. Churchill then views military manoeuvres through field glasses. Commentary states "No longer on the defensive: the force put together since Dunkirk" as heavily camouflaged motorcycle troops emerge from a wood. Churchill chats with A V Alexander (First Lord of the Admiralty) and military officers.

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III. 'DONT LET'S WASTE ANYTHING.' A leaflet, "A Last Appeal to Reason by Hitler", is torn and folded for use as toilet paper.

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IV. 'REPUBLIC DAY IN TURKEY.' President Inönü arrives at Ankara stadium. Turkish troops in French pattern helmets stand vigilant. Excited crowds in grandstand watch fly-past by Turkish Air Force biplane fighters. A full military parade follows, including cavalry and light anti-tank units towed by mules. Commentary describes the event as " An opportunity for the Turkish Army to demonstrate its strength and preparedness".

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V. 'THE GREEKS ADVANCE. Koritza falls.' King George II, General Papagos and Premier Metaxas in discussion. Civilian jubilation as Italian prisoners are marched through the streets of Athens. Italian troops under escort. In camp, prisoner's hair is cut and food served. Grim faced Italian Alpini troops. "Off to the front": soldiers in trains or with pack mules. Commentary states "Greek troops showing the world what they are made of ". Albanian landscape. Greek Infantry relax, Greek command and observation post. Camera passes an Italian sign for "Koritsa" and proceeds past an abandoned Italian Carabinieri military police checkpoint. Deserted Italian owned shops, the Hotel "Roma" and the newspaper offices of "Il popolo d'Italia", founded by Mussolini. Greek Armoured cars push on. Roadside with dead horses, abandoned Italian mortar ammunition and knocked-out Carro Veloce 33/11 light tank. Greek Infantry tramp onwards through mud.

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