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Trials of flame-throwers carried by men and fitted to a small ship, armoured carriers, tanks, and amphibious carriers, also flotation trials with carriers and a tank.

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Two men fire Ack Pack flamethrowers at a static object and then at a tank. The title 'COCKATRICE IN L.C.A.' (a pressure operated flamethrower mounted on an assault landing craft) introduces the next sequence. A small ship seen in long shot fires a column of flame out to the side of the ship and then straight up into the air. Close up from behind the flamethrower onboard the ship firing a plume of flame. A shot of flames shooting across the waves. A small craft fires flames on to a pebble beach.

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Title: 'RONSON LIGHTERS'. A MS of a Universal Carrier with a flamethrower attached [Ronson Lighter] moving rapidly and firing flames ahead. LS of Ronson firing flames randomly and at static vehicles. LS of four large fires on the skyline giving off thick black smoke. This scene is watched by a group of military personnel. Ronsons seen firing at static objects.

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Title: 'WASP MK I'. MS of a different tracked carrier with flame thrower attached [Wasp Mk I] standing idle. Cut to close up of front of vehicle and nozzle of flamethrower. The articulation of the flamethrower's nozzle is demonstrated from the side and then from the front. Cut to MS from behind the Wasp as it fires flames at a trees. LS of Wasps moving through wooded areas firing flames. MS of flames on ground and of a defensive Pill Box burning vigorously. LS of Wasps throwing flames with abandon around a deserted area.

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Title: 'BARRACUDA'. Another small flame-throwing vehicle moves rapidly forward. A stationary Barracuda, with personnel visible, throws flames into the sky.

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Title: 'WASP MK II'. MS of Wasp flames past the camera and forward. CU of nozzle of flame-thrower and plume of flames.

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Title: 'CROCODILE'. A Churchill VII tank, fitted with a flamethrower, pushes its way through a clump of trees and fires flames at a stationary target.

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Title: 'SEA SERPENT'. CU and MS of tracked carrier on beach (?) driven by two men. It goes into the water and moves along close to the shore. LS of Sea Serpent firing flames over a long distance across the sea. MS of Sea Serpent approaching beach and firing at a clump of burning trees. This is observed by a group of military personnel. MS of a burning pillbox on the beach. CU of burning petroleum matter on the beach.

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Title: 'SHERMAN D.D.'. A small craft (?) disgorges a Sherman tank into the still inshore water. It is practically unidentifiable as it is fitted with high sided canvas screen around the hull top. MS of a petroleum fire on the surface of the sea. The Sherman slides through the centre of the dense black smoke and flames. A second Sherman with raised screens follows. (These Shermans may be fitted with a BELCH device, May 1944, where an inboard pump sprayed water on to the screens to protect them from the flame barrage). Sherman approaches the shore, watched by personnel. As it comes onto the beach the Sherman drops its collapsible sides to reveal the tank.

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Title : 'DRAGONFLY'. (Wasp Mk I, with Duplex Drive) MS of manned, stationary, tracked carrier with flame-thrower. MS of Dragonfly on a beach. The Dragonfly is fitted with flotation screens similar to those on the Sherman DD. There is a demonstration of the screens being raised and collapsed. Dragonflies parade around calm estuarial water, with the yellow side screens raised. Various shots of the Dragonflies negotiating the estuary's banks and demonstrating the collapsible screens. Finally they come ashore, drop their screens and start to fire the onboard flamethrowers. LS of Dragonflies driving forward and throwing flames.

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