IWM Patrons

Becoming a Patron of IWM allows you to benefit from a strong and close relationship with IWM, where you can enjoy behind-the-scenes access to our collections, invitations to exclusive events and contact with our experts.

The support of IWM Patrons is vital for our success and contributes towards all aspects of IWM, from enabling us to present our contemporary exhibition programme to helping us conserve and display our outstanding collections for future generations. The generosity of our patrons allows us to draw on the latest scholarship and to present world-class exhibitions that help all our visitors to experience and understand war.

For more information download our Become a Patron brochure.

To see how our Patrons' support has helped IWM remain a courageous, authoritative, relevant and empathetic organisation, download our latest Annual Review.

If you'd like to become a Patron, please email Richard Loveridge at patrons@iwm.org.uk or call 020 7091 3042.