Fundstücke Kosovo 2000

Catalogue number
  • Art.IWM ART 16804 15 a
Art and Popular Design
Place made
  • medium: card
  • medium: cloth
  • Frame: Depth 39 mm, Height 583 mm, Width 583 mm
  • Support: Depth 70 mm, Height 540 mm, Width 550 mm
Alternative names
  • object category: portfolio

© Frauke Eigen


Working as a photojournalist, Frauke Eigen made her first trip to Kosovo in 2000. Whilst there she was told that a mass grave containing the bodies of genocide victims was being uncovered near to where she was working. Despite witnessing the recovery operation she did not feel compelled to photograph the exhumed corpses. Instead she recorded the garments that these people had once worn, as well as ordinary objects such as the keys, watches, and identification papers that they had carried with them. The physical presence alluded to by the clothes emphasises the absence of the items’ owners, making the images all the more poignant and constituting a form of memorial. At the same time, her images suggest the evidence of a forensic investigation, dispassionately presenting these charged objects while hinting at the horror of past events in gritty black and white, leaving it to the viewer to complete the story.

Physical description

portfolio box for an edition of 10 boxed sets of 14 photographs, entitled 'Fundstücke Kosovo'. The box contains title pages, explanatory texts, and cardboard dividers and tissue sheets.

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