Cartlidge, Barbara (IWM interview)

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German Jewish civilian in Germany and Denmark, 1922-1938; emigrated to GB, 1938

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REEL 1: Aspects of period in Germany and Denmark, 1922-1938: family and childhood in Berlin; death of father; question of family’s Jewish observance; effect of Nazi regime on family life; memories of education at boarding school in Potsdam, 1935-1938; story of loss of anti-Nazi writings and intervention of Nazi official; story of going to Denmark for three months following visit by Gestapo officers, 1938; daily life and activities in Copenhagen; obtained visa and emigrated to GB, 1938; memory of voyage to Harwich and problem of seasickness. Aspects of period in London, 1938-1944: problem of being unable to speak English; description of various activities with Free German League of Culture; classified as friendly enemy alien; story of singing on stage. REEL 2 Continues: trained as short hand typist; employment as typist at London Films Studio; memories of studio and stars; war work; social life; marriage, 9/1944; story of brother’s wartime experiences.

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