15 in Mk I Naval Gun

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Catalogue number
  • ORD 157
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IWM London
Production date
  • metal
  • general: Length 54.2 ft
  • general: Weight 100.0 tons
Alternative Names
  • FULL NAME: 15 in Mk I Naval Gun
  • SIMPLE NAME: Gun, British
weapons and ammunition

History note

This gun was mounted in the battleship HMS "Resolution" from 1915-1938, and was first fired in action against targets in the Sea of Marmora in 1920. It was stored from 1938-44 when it was mounted in the twin 15-in gunned monitor HMS "Roberts". This warship bombarded Houlgate Battery , east of Sword Beach on D-Day. During succeeding weeks "Roberts" shelled enemy positions several miles inland near Caen. On 1 November 1944 "Roberts" supported the assault on Walcheren and attacked a German battery north of Walcheren. This gun was stored from 1945 onwards. The tampion badge-a charging knight- symbolises resolution. This Gun Barrel, along with that from HMS Ramilles, was installed in early 1968

Physical description

The 15-in gun was designed before the First World War and was first used operationally in 1915 by the battleship HMS "Queen Elizabeth" at Gallipoli. The 15in Mk 1 Naval Gun was fitted to 22 ships of the Royal Navy- 11 battleships, 5 battlecruisers, and 6 monitors. It rendered excellent service in two World Wars, both in destroying enemy warships and shore targets. The 15in gun fired a 1,938 lb shell at a muzzle velocity of 2,640ft a second, up to a range of 28,700 yards (Over 16 miles). A well trained crew operating a twin-15 in- gunned turret could fire 2 rounds each gun a minute.

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