Private Papers of Lieutenant Colonel A Macgregor

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286 ms letters written to his family during his service in the Royal Garrison Artillery in the United Kingdom, ca March 1913 - June 1914, based principally at Fort Borisand near Plymouth and at Shoeburyness, with 61 Company RGA and possibly an unidentified Indian camel battery in Aden, June 1914 - April 1916, on attachment to 25 Mountain Battery (Indian Mountain Artillery) in India, April - September 1916, then to 23 (Peshawari) Mountain Battery Frontier Force in Mesopotamia, September - November 1916, and in India, December 1916 - February 1917, with 32 Mountain Battery Frontier Force at Maymyo in Burma and on recruitment duties in India, March 1917 - May 1918, with 39 (formerly 2/32) Mountain Battery in Egypt, then Palestine, then on the Suez Canal, June 1918 - December 1919, then in Palestine again, July - September 1920, and in India, October 1921 - January 1922, with useful details concerning the life of a young subaltern in the RGA prior to the First World War; conditions in Aden, including during operations against the Turks near Lahej (see July 1915) when men died of heatstroke, and near Sheikh Othman; conditions in Mesopotamia and at Camp Burham near Campbellpur in the Punjab, India; conditions in Burma with details of his daily routine training recruits, attending courts martial, playing polo and hunting and a reference to the cheapness of a Gurkha's life (see 8 February 1918); conditions in Palestine and Egypt, with descriptions of Jerusalem, operations against the Turks on the Judean Highlands (see 24 September 1918), the Spanish influenza outbreak (see 27 January 1919), the political situation in Egypt (1919) and India (during the visit by the Prince of Wales, January 1922); also a small amount of miscellaneous correspondence including 2 letters from his father and several telegrams, one of which is from the War Office confirming that he had been incorrectly reported as being dangerously ill, and photographs of various units including his own (1917 - 1919).

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