Private Papers of Brigadier H G Smith

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private papers

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Catalogue date 1979-08

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A miscellaneous collection of official reports and letters relating to his service as the commanding officer of the 309th Searchlight Regiment RA, 1939 - 1940, his command of the 70th Searchlight Regiment in southern England, 1940 - 1941, and as the commanding officer of the 27th AA Brigade RA, 1944 - 1945, which was converted to the 303rd Infantry Brigade in 1945 and used as the occupation force for the Trondheim region of Norway, including copies of Standing Orders and Training Memoranda relating to the 309th Searchlight Battery and the 70th (Sussex) Searchlight Regiment, 3 copies of a report on training, maintenance and operational experiences of searchlight companies, a file of instructions on the use of searchlights and the evolution and structure of the "fighter box" system, a map of the V-1's brought down over the southeast of England, a booklet concerning the story of the anti-V weapon AA, a file of letters from the commander of the German forces in Trondheim, and a file containing a ts account of the liberation and administration of the Trondheim region written by Brigadier Smith and Major A L M Cook.

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