• Harry

    "What I enjoy most about my role … is the camaraderie of being with other volunteers. But it’s also about engaging with the public. You meet so many interesting people and every day is like a new adventure."

  • Volunteer Norma in action

    “I really enjoy talking to visitors, it keeps me going and keeps me young.”

  • David

    "Volunteering [days] are the best days of the week. I usually walk round with a silly smile on my face every Monday and Wednesday … It’s such fulfilling work to do, because I’m so interested in it personally, but also you’re mixing with a group people who share that interest."

  • Volunteer Paul in action

    “This course and this place has saved my life. I love working and connecting with the kids too and giving them a real life experience as a real life soldier, and overall this is helping me move onwards and forwards.”

  • Katya

    "Volunteering makes me feel incredibly proud and incredibly fortunate to be allowed to get so close to history … It’s incredibly rewarding but above all, mentally stimulating."

  • Volunteer Alan

    "It was an honour and a pleasure to be part of something that was so important and special to so many people."

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Edith's story

Edith's story