IWM North Exhibitions And Displays

Your experience at IWM North will change your perspective on world-shaping events. There’s plenty to discover, so we recommend spending a minimum of two hours on site though many visitors stay for longer.

Explore our selection of permanent displays, discover more about planning your visit, safety and on-site facilities.


  • Accessibility

    We are committed to ensuring IWM North is fully accessible to all visitors. Please be aware that the building has been designed to encourage visitors to consider the confusion experienced during conflict. As a result the floor of the main exhibition area has a gentle slope and visitors with mobility issues may wish to take extra care in this area. There are also different lighting levels over two floors. For more information please read our accessibility guide.

  • Shopping at IWM North

    Our shops offer a wide range of inspiring and unique gifts, from books, clothing and accessories to vintage posters, homeware, toys and souvenirs, all inspired by our collections and the stories they tell.

    Every purchase helps their stories to be retold. IWM is a charity. Every purchase made supports the work we do. We will not be able to accept cash, but you can still pay by card.

    Shop in branch or online.

  • Eating and drinking

    The IWM North Café is located on the ground floor and offers a perfect opportunity to take a break during your visit. The IWM North Café serves homemade baked goods, Fairtrade tea and coffee and a selection of deli sandwiches and salads. Please let our staff know if you have any dietary requirements.

  • Donations

    IWM is a charity and relies on your support to help us preserve our unique collections for future generations. To help us preserve our collections you can donate cash or make a quick and easy contactless donation with a credit or debit card by tapping it at various locations around the museums. Alternatively you can donate online now on the link below. Thank you for supporting IWM.

  • Filming and photography

    You are welcome to take photos and video at our museums for personal, non-commercial use but please refrain from using flash or tripods. Our museums can get busy at times and we therefore ask that you do not film people without their permission. Please observe signage indicating where photography and filming is not permitted.  

  • Lockers and luggage

    Locker facilities are available (subject to availability) and are free of charge. You will however, need a £1 coin to use the lockers and this is refundable.

    The locker sizes are:

    H42cms x W43cms x D40cms
    H54cms x W43cms x D40cms
    H82cms x W43cms x D40cms

  • Floor plan

    Click on IWM North floor plan to view a site map and plan your visit in advance. 

  • Safety at IWM

    The safety of our visitors and staff and the preservation of our collections are of the upmost importance to IWM. We therefore kindly ask that you allow sufficient time on entry to our museums for our staff to complete their security checks to ensure this is maintained. Please do not bring any prohibited items with you as they will be confiscated. If you see any unattended bags or packages or have concerns about security issues on your visit please report this to a member of staff.  

  • Making the most of your visit

    Look out for our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers (wearing red uniforms) to find out what's happening onsite on the day of your visit and to help you make the most of your day.