How to book a visit

All schools (UK and overseas) must book in advance. We are now taking bookings up to July 2024. 

  1. Fill out the Schools Visit Request Form stating the day(s) you would like to visit
  2. You will receive a booking confirmation when availability allows.
  3. Please don't make travel arrangements until you have received a confirmation email with your Visit Confirmation Letter attached.
  4. Check the booking information and Terms and Conditions.
  5. Download a Floor map of IWM North
  6. Identify potential risks during your visit.
Already booked a visit?
Find everything you need to help you prepare.


Gift bags

Gift bags are available from the IWM North shop. These can be reserved when booking your visit.

They cost £5 each and can be paid for in advance or invoiced afterwards.

  • Evacuee gift bag - featuring an egg bouncy ball, evacuation guidelines postcard, identity card booklet, tag and coin set

    Evacuee gift bag

    Evacuation Information postcard

    Identity Card booklet (facsimile)

    Evacuation coin set

    Egg bouncy ball

    Evacuee tag

  • IWM North souvenir gift bag featuring IWM North Air exterior postcard  IWM North photographic magnet  Red IWM mini button badge  Red IWM North mini notepad  Red IWM North grip pen

    Souvenir gift bag

    IWM North Air exterior postcard

    IWM North photographic magnet

    Red IWM mini button badge

    Red IWM North mini notepad

    Red IWM North grip pen


Frequently asked questions

Access to a Quiet Room is available for prayer or sensory needs. We also have resources available from our Learning team upon request such as ear defenders, fidget toys and visual aids.

See our Accessibility page for more details.

Please get in touch if you have any requirements you wish to discuss.

We have a lunch space for schools and groups. When you book a visit to IWM you will be allocated a lunch time spot.

When using the lunchroom please ensure you do not remain in the space for longer than your allocated time. You are welcome to use the cleaning products provided to wipe down tables. Frequent cleaning will also be in place.

All our sites can be reached by public transport. Please see TfGM, Google Maps, AA Route Planner or National Rail for more details. 

If you have any questions email [email protected]

Teachers and group leaders are advised to carry out a preliminary visit in advance of their school trip. Please see IWM Identified Risk to help you with your own risk assessment.

Home Education groups are welcome to book a school session provided there is a minimum of 10 students in your group.  If the number of children is less than 10 please consider buying a family ticket at our paid sites or taking part in a family activity.

Our museum has also been awarded the LOtC badge, nationally recognised as an indicator of good quality educational provision. You can download a copy of our certificate for IWM North here.