Students taking part in the Documentary Challenge session in the museum galleries.
Age 9 to 11 (KS2), Age 11 to 14 (KS3), Age 14-16 (KS4)

Documentary Challenge North

Which stories are too important to be kept inside the museum? What deserves more attention from the wider world? Who is telling the story and why?

First World War kit bag contents.
IWM North

First World War Loan Boxes

Taking our collection beyond the walls of IWM, schools and groups can book a First World War-inspired loan box to use as a learning resource at no cost.  

With links to the school curriculum, students will explore objects by handling them and discuss their context. Suitable for all key stages. 

Second World War Loan Box featuring items found in the box
© IWM Mat Norman
IWM North

Second World War Loan Boxes

Taking our collection beyond the walls of our museum, schools can book specially created loan box experiences inspired by the Second World War.

Life in Nazi Germany
Age 13 to 14 (KS3), Age 14-16 (KS4)

The Holocaust: Life in Germany 1919-1939

Students will deepen their understanding of how political, economic and social change in Germany affected the people who lived there. They will use artefacts and archive material to make links between individuals, groups and events.

School children taking part in a session of We Were There
Age 9 to 11 (KS2), Age 11 to 14 (KS3)

We Were There North: Ask Questions About Conflict

A unique experience to meet veterans and eyewitnesses to conflict.

Students on gallery at IWM North taking part in the Ministry of Memory school session.
Ages 7 to 9 (KS2), Age 9 to 11 (KS2)

Ministry of Memory

The Ministry of Memory is in turmoil; all records of Remembrance have been wiped. Can students save the day?