First World War teaching resources

First World War kit bag contents.
IWM First World War kit bag example contents.

Taking our collection beyond the walls of IWM, schools and groups can book a First World War-inspired kit bag to use as a learning resource at no cost. 

The kit bag contains a specially curated selection of real and replica artefacts such as a defaced army biscuit, a postcard, items of uniform and a gas mask.

All objects can be handled and have a story to tell, providing a basis for discussion and an opportunity to explore their significance in a historical context.

You can borrow the bag for two weeks, or longer if arranged in advance with the Learning Team at no cost.

This hands-on learning resource is suitable for all ages and can be used flexibly for historical enquiry, art projects, whole school learning, drama and literacy for non-commercial purposes. 

Programmes of study and learning outcomes

Our First World War kit bags can assist with teaching across a broad array of subject areas and learning outcomes:

    • History 
    • English language and literacy 
    • Art and design 
    • Design and technology 
    • Geography  
    • Citizenship  
    • Numeracy 
    • Intellectual skills 
    • Motor skills 
    • Cognitive skills 
    • Attitude 
    • Verbal information 
    • Working with others 
    • Research

How to book your kit bag

To book your kit bag contact: [email protected]. We will talk you through how to arrange pick up and drop off of your bag at IWM North and answer any enquiries. 

Bags and their contents are checked and cleaned between each loan period.  

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Alternatively, IWM offers Second World War-inspired loan boxes to use as a learning resource at no cost. Find out more about IWM's Second World War-inspired loan boxes

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IWM also offers a range of learning resources for use in the classroom that support the teaching of the First World War:

Heavy Artillery by Colin Gill
©IWM (Art.IWM ART 2274)
Classroom Resource

Fighting in the Trenches

Use these sources to learn more about the experience of fighting in the trenches.


'Over The Top'. 1st Artists' Rifles at Marcoing, 30th December 1917 by John Nash
© IWM (Art.IWM ART 1656)
Classroom Resource

British Art of the First World War

Use these sources to discover more about art during the First World War.

For ideas to help you use these sources, take a look at our Suggested Activities.

Still from the British film "The Battle of the Somme".
© IWM (Q 79501)
Classroom Resource

Battle of the Somme - GCSE Source Analysis Skills: Reliability & Usefulness

This resource has been developed in line with the Pearson Edexcel GCSE syllabus: The British Sector of the Western Front, 1914-18: injuries, treatment and the trenches.