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At IWM North explore the conflicts that Britain and the Commonwealth have been involved in since the First World War to the current day through a timeline of objects that have borne witness to historic events.

Housed in an iconic aluminium clad building, representing a globe shattered by conflict – IWM North is the first museum in the UK to be designed by internationally acclaimed architect Daniel Libeskind. Libeskind created the building to enhance the museum’s subject matter – the sharp angles, sloping floors, leaning walls and imposing exterior are deliberately in place to unsettle and disorientate you, intensifying the collections and stories within.

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8 Things You Didn't Know About The IWM North Building

IWM North viewed from Salford Quays

The IWM North building is hard to miss – But have you ever wondered why you seem to get lost when you're inside, or perhaps feel a little unsettled? There's a lot more to IWM North than its striking looks – find out why.

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IWM North’s extraordinary spaces offer exceptional possibilities for entertaining and our award-winning approach to event-creation has positioned the museum as one of the leading venues in the city-region.

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IWM North

IWM North

IWM North

Visit our iconic museum in Manchester and explore how war affects people’s lives.