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Top Products

  • Tank T-Shirt 1539768726
    Tank Blueprint T-shirt

    This T-shirt features a blueprint inspired design of a First World War British Mark V tank.

  • A Mark V tank, painted by Bernard Adeney

  • LondonTote 1579192375
    IWM London Tote Bag

    Our stylish tote bag features a detailed illustration of the iconic IWM London and some of its key objects.

  • A close look at the dial of the spitfire watch from the IWM Shop

    Details of the spitfire blueprint watch

  • prod 25883
    Spitfire Blueprint Pilot Watch

    Designed by IWM and created in partnership with Limit our watch takes inspiration from the iconic Spitfire.

  • prod 26461
    London at War

    Discover how London survived the Second World War. From the famous ‘Blitz Spirit’ to the horror of the V2s, with this volume you can still immerse yourself in our collections even though IWM London is temporarily closed.

  • prod_25053
    Metal desktop Spitfire

    Working from home? You need this replica trench art Spitfire to inspire you from your desk.

  • Pilot Officer Józef Stasik of No. 303 Polish Fighter Squadron playing with Misia, the dog-mascot of the Squadron, sitting in his Spitfire. 

  • Front cover of 'The War on Paper' - a book of documents that defined the Second World War

    Every purchase helps their stories to be retold.


    IWM is a charity. Every purchase you make supports the work we do.