Three female school pupils looking at a book as part of the Holocaust learning sessions
Age 13 to 14 (KS3), Age 14-16 (KS4), Age 16 to 18 (A Level)

Holocaust Learning at IWM London

Why do we study the Holocaust? Why and how did it happen?

IWM’s Holocaust learning session will introduce these questions and support students’ enquiry through our new Holocaust Galleries.

School children taking part in the Documentary Challenge session
Age 9 to 11 (KS2), Age 11 to 14 (KS3), Age 14-16 (KS4)

Documentary Challenge London

Which stories are too important to be kept inside the museum? What deserves more attention from the wider world? Who is telling the story and why?

Students in a classroom asking questions about conflict from a veteran and eyewitness to conflict.
Age 9 to 11 (KS2), Age 11 to 14 (KS3)

We Were There London: Ask Questions about Conflict

A unique experience to meet veterans and eyewitnesses to conflict.