Exhibitions And Displays

Find the massive B-52 Stratofortress, get face-to-face with the Blackbird - the fastest jet aircraft ever made - and climb onboard Concorde.  Hear the stories of those who lived and worked at historic Duxford, and learn more about Duxford’s role in the Battle of Britain by visiting the Ops Block.  All this and so much more!

We recommend allowing at least half a day for your visit. IWM members go free.

Some of IWM Duxford’s exhibitions are changing. In order to undertake this important work, we are beginning to relocate some objects and collection items. To find out what's open during your visit, check out the exhibition pages below.

Concorde is open daily from 10:30am till 3pm, hosted by a member of the Duxford Aviation Society.

Hear from IWM Duxford visitors


“You can find things you wouldn’t find in different museums.”

“Watching the aircraft fly and do some sort of stunts would be, possibly, the most exciting part.”

“I found my grandfather’s plane. So, I got to go on it which was amazing.”

“Totally surprised by the enormity of everything that’s here.”

“It was quite cool to see like the Spitfires just taking off behind us.”

“It doesn’t feel like a place where things just happened a few years ago, it’s still happening.”

“I genuinely didn’t know that it was going to be this cool.”

IWM Duxford is full of surprises; see historic aircraft take to the skies from our live runway, walk through iconic aircraft and get up close to over a century of aviation.

Visit Europe’s largest air museum.


  • Visit Planning Point

    Located in AirSpace, the Visit Planning Point is the best place to start your experience at Duxford.

    Find out what's happening around the site on the day of your visit, pick up maps and plan how to make the best of your time at our historic airfield.

    Look out for our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers around the site (wearing red uniforms) who will be happy to help you. 

  • Duxford Highlights Trails

    With seven major exhibitions, Duxford is packed with must-see highlights. We've created a set of trails to help you make the most of your visit.

    Pick up these leaflets from the Visit Planning Point, or download them to plan your visit before you arrive.

    Top 5 Aircraft >

    Top 5 Stories >

  • Eating and drinking

    There are a range of options for eating and drinking during your visit to Duxford. The Armoury Café, which is located next to the visitor centre will be open for snacks and refreshments, operating a dine in and a takeaway service. The American Café will be open for take away snacks. The Workshop Restaurant is open at weekends and during school holidays.

  • Shopping at IWM Duxford

    Our shop will be open and customers will be free to browse products as normal. We ask that customers use a hand sanitisation station before and after doing so. We accept cash and card.

    Our shops offer a wide range of inspiring and unique gifts, from books, clothing and accessories to vintage posters, homeware, toys and souvenirs, all inspired by our collections and the stories they tell. 

    Shop in branch or online.

  • Cash machines

    Please be aware that there are no cash machines on site. All our cafés, shops and ticketing desks accept card payments. Our flight simulator requires cash.

  • Lockers and luggage

    We are unable to store items of luggage or motorbike helmets and clothing. Please keep all of your belongings with you at all times and report any suspicious items to a member of staff.

  • Donations

    IWM is a charity and relies on your support to help us preserve our unique collections for future generations. To help us preserve our collections you can donate cash or make a quick and easy contactless donation with a credit or debit card by tapping it at various locations around the museums. Alternatively you can donate online now on the link below. Thank you for supporting IWM.

  • Filming and photography

    You are welcome to take photos and video at our museums for personal, non-commercial use but please refrain from using flash or tripods in our hangars and historic buildings. Our museums can get busy at times and we therefore ask that you do not film people without their permission. Please observe signage indicating where photography and filming is not permitted.  

  • Information for pilots

    IWM Duxford operates a live airfield which is strictly ‘Prior Permission Required’ (PPR) by telephone. For more information regarding landing at IWM Duxford including opening hours and landing fees, please see the information provided on the link below.  

  • Visitor map

    To help you plan your visit in advance, please download a copy of the site map.

  • Enrich your visit with Bloomberg Connects

    As you explore Duxford, you can use this guide to delve deeper into the stories we feature in each of our hangars. 

    Use it to find out what there is to see, our must-sees and to access an interactive IWM Duxford Map.

    Bloomberg Connects is available to download on the App Store and Google Play.