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Top Products

  • A selection of products with an aviation theme including a leather bag embossed with a spitfire design.

    The IWM Shop has many more options for spitfire and aviation-themed gifts!

  • product 23628 Clock
    Replica RAF Duxford Sector Clock

    Plan your time working from home with military precision using our RAF Sector Clock.

  • A photograph of the operations room at Duxford

    The Operations Room, with the distinctive clock clearly visible.

  • product 23631 Sign
    Replica Duxford Operations Room Sign

    Working from home? Make sure you designate your new office space with this reproduction operations room sign.

  • Pilot Douglas Bader wearing his trademark scarf

    Douglas Bader, wearing his trademark scarf, was based at RAF Duxford in 1940.

  • product 23901 scarf
    Bader Silk Scarf

    Look stylish on all your video calls with this polka dot print cravat made of 100% silk. Inspired by famous RAF pilot Douglas Bader this scarf presses all the fashionistas’ buttons.

  • 25296 propeller
    Replica Sopwith Camel Propeller

    During the First World War an aeroplane propeller would often be kept as a trophy, a memento or even good luck.

  • product 26350 t-shirt
    Duxford Sweep the Skies T-Shirt

    Super comfy and featuring our exclusive IWM Duxford design, this t-shirt is perfect to wear around the house during this time of staying indoors.

  • A spitfire model and a Battle of Britain poster from IWM Shop

    Every purchase helps their stories to be retold.

    IWM is a charity. Every purchase you make supports the work we do.