IWM Duxford School Visits And Trips

This historic site offers a unique insight into conflict and over a century of aviation. See aircraft take to the skies from the airfield that Spitfires first flew.

School groups can choose to take part in a variety of learning sessions, aimed at KS2-4 and led by one of our expert educators. Alternatively, groups can opt to explore the museum on a free self-guided visit.

What we offer

  • Image showing Airspace at IWM Duxford.
    © IWM

    Plan and book a school visit

    We are now taking bookings for school visits and learning sessions up to July 2025.

  • Students taking part in Cold War Learning Session, Duxford

    Learning sessions

    We offer detailed learning sessions which involve you and your students in exploring a particular theme, or time in history.

  • Pupils taking part in Activity Trail at IWM Duxford

    Self-guided visits

    Explore the former RAF fighter station that was used during both the First and Second World Wars. 

Learning resources

Troops of 9th Canadian Infantry Brigade disembarking with bicycles onto Juno Beach
© IWM (A 23938)
Classroom Resource

What was D-Day?

What were the circumstances that prompted D-Day? Discover more in IWM's learning resource.

Six Spitfire Mark Is flying in starboard echelon formation
© IWM (CH 19)
Classroom Resource

How has war in the air changed over time?

Use these sources to find out how aviation technology developed throughout the Twentieth Century.

Don’t Do It, Mother – Leave The Children Where They Are
© IWM (Art.IWM PST 8235)
Classroom Resource

Second World War Posters

Use these sources to understand more about propaganda poster campaigns, and the artists behind them, during the Second World War.

Important information

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  • Accessibility

    IWM tries to ensure we cater for a range of needs and can provide wheelchair access, resources to support blind and visually impaired visitors and deaf and hearing impaired visitors. 

  • Safeguarding

    IWM wishes to ensure that all children and vulnerable adults are safe and protected from harm whilst visiting its premises. This policy and accompanying procedures outline the safeguarding systems in place.