Imperial War Museums owns and operates Duxford Airfield, a celebrated historic airfield that first opened in 1918 and remains operational today. Situated alongside IWM Duxford’s famous hangars and exhibitions, this unique airfield is one of the most outstanding and exciting destinations for GA aircraft in the world.

Duxford airfield is Prior Permission Required (PPR). Download our Essential Information for Visiting Pilots.

    • Single engine: £16.95 (up to maximum weight 2730 Kg), £36.95 (above 2730 Kg), £56.95 (above 5000kg)
    • Multi engine: £27.95 (up to maximum weight 2730 Kg), £47.95 (above 2730 Kg),  £67.95 (above 5000kg)
    • Overnight parking: £10 (single engine), £14 (Multi engine)


    See all Landing Fees for 2019.

    Special opening (extensions) on application. For details please call the Airfield Tower on 01223 833 376 or email


    The use of Duxford Airfield by visiting aircraft is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Use.

    The publication of these Terms and Conditions of Use constitutes an offer by the Trustees of the Imperial War Museum to permit use of Duxford Airfield by visiting aircraft. Use of Duxford Airfield constitutes acceptance of these Terms and Conditions of Use.



    Duxford Airfield Manual Part 1

    Duxford Airfield Manual Part 2 (Safety Management System)

    Duxford General Flying Orders


  • Airfield Special Events 2019

    Each year, our Airfield team runs a series of aviation event and bonus days for pilots and aviation groups.

    • Showcase Day 14 April 2019
    • Duxford GA Exhibition and Safety Day 27 April 2019
    • Showcase Day 27 May 2019
    • Vintage Aircraft Club Bonus day 8 June 2019
    • Flyball 22nd June 2019
    • Light Aircraft Association Bonus Day 3 August 2019
    • Showcase Day 4 August 2019
    • Showcase Day 20 October 2019

    To book your place contact or call 01223 833 376


    Visiting GA aircraft are welcome to fly into our air shows and our booking system is now open. You can reserve a landing slot by emailing or calling 01223 833376.

    Duxford Airfield is Prior Permission Required (PPR) and pilots must read our Duxford Airfield Air Show Procedures before booking. Please note that you will be asked for your intended arrival/departure gate.  Please note that all slot times are local BST.  Pilots are responsible for filing their GAR forms.


    Download a copy of the latest Duxford Airfield Air Show Procedures.

    Check out Duxford Air Shows in 2019


    Groups flying into Duxford airfield enjoy discounts on landing fees and on entry to the museum.

    Group visits must be arranged in advance: please call the Airfield Tower on 01223 833 376 or email


    • Group landing fee (five aircraft or more): £14.40
    • Discounted group tickets to IWM Duxford are available

    Organisations operating training flights are welcome at Duxford Airfield, whether as a cross-country land-away or circuits. Instructors can give students experience of working an AFIS "Flight Information Service", grass and hard runway operations and perhaps the thrill of landing on the grass after a Spitfire or other warbird. Landing fee discounts are available to training organisations. Training organisations should contact the Airfield Operations Office on 01223 833 376 or email


    Training landing fees

    • Single engine landing: £10 (up to 2730 Kg)
    • Multi engine landing: £15.50 (up to 2730 Kg)
    • Circuit single engine: £25 per hour (up to 2730 Kg)         
    • Circuit multi engine: £35 per hour (up to 2730 Kg), £55 per hour (above 2730 Kg)

    Parking on the outside tie-downs is available at Duxford at both short-term and long-term rates. Aircraft owners can take advantage of the airfield’s excellent runways, ‘Flight Information’ air traffic service and enjoy the unique atmosphere which comes from sharing the airfield with Spitfires, Hurricane, Mustangs and many other war birds. Keep Your Aircraft at Duxford information and contact details.


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Register Now for GENERAL AVIATION EXPO 2020


Register Now for GENERAL AVIATION EXPO 2020

25 April 2020
IWM Duxford
25 April 2020.  Register now. General Aviation Expo 2020 is the pre-season event to meet, network, learn and build lasting connections with experts from across the  UK's General Aviation community. For professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts and everyone with a passion for flying. 
Lineup of GA aircraft at IWM Duxford