There's something for every family at IWM Duxford. 

Discover the stories of the men and women who lived and worked at RAF Duxford, walk in their footsteps across the mile long site and watch aircraft take to the skies on the historic airfield.

Learn about the Battle of Britain in it's 80th anniversary year at the airfield where fighter squadrons flew to defend the skies of Britain in 1940.

IWM Duxford. Inspiring Stories. Iconic Aircraft.

Top Family Things to Do

  • Family looking up at the Vulcan in AirSpace
    © IWM
    Walk under the belly of a Vulcan bomber

    Discover this jet-powered, high-altitude strategic bomber and learn how aircraft fly in AirSpace.

  •  Child in flying hat at IWM Duxford
    Get into character and dress up like a pilot

    Try on a real flying jacket in the American Air Museum and become an RAF pilot officer in our Historic Duxford exhibit.

  • Spitfires flying in the skies above Duxford
    Watch one of our historic aircraft take to the sky

    Keep your eyes peeled to see our aircraft take off from our live airfield.



  • Family looking up at Concorde in AirSpace
    © IWM
    Hop on the Concorde, an aeroplane faster than the speed of sound!

    See inside this turbojet-powered supersonic airliner. Find Concorde in AirSpace

  • Family taking a Spitfire selfie
    Get a selfie with a Spitfire

    Get close to a Spitfire and Hurricane in the Battle of Britain exhibit.

Top Tips for Visiting IWM Duxford
How long will we stay?

You can spend as much or as little time at IWM Duxford but to get the most out of your visit we recommend you spend at least half a day here – there’s six enormous hangars and more to explore. 

Check the forecast

If it’s sunny, you’ll want to enjoy our huge outdoor site– so don’t forget to bring sun cream and sunnies.

If it’s overcast or raining, bring layers. There are indoor and outdoor spaces at IWM Duxford but it can get very windy, you'll want to have a jacket to hand.

Wear sensible shoes

IWM Duxford is a huge site - it has to be to hold over 300 aircraft and objects! So wear trainers or comfy shoes as they’ll be lots of walking around.

Hitch a ride on our electric bus

If you don’t fancy walking the mile long site, catch a ride on one of our electric buses. There are no bus stops, all you need to do is hail as it passes by. Pop on and you'll get from one end to the other in no time.

IWM Duxford is suitable for all ages

IWM Duxford is suitable everyone from babies to grandparents. Buggies are allowed on site, however we do not have a buggy park.

It can be noisy!

With aircraft often taking off from our live airfield IWM Duxford can get very loud. So if you aren’t a fan of loud noises don’t forget to bring some ear defenders with you.

Grab a bite to eat

There’s plenty of places to grab some food. Visit our on-site restaurant or one of our two cafes for some delicious food and tasty treats. The last food order is at 2.30pm. You can also enjoy our outdoor picnic areas.

Eating and Drinking

Swap your Scooter for a Spitfire

We have tanks, Spitfires, a Vulcan bomber, military caravans and lots of vehicles at IWM Duxford but we don’t allow scooters, skateboards, Segway’s or skates, so please leave these at home. 

Home learning & resources

Family enjoying Family Mission: D-Day edition at IWM Duxford

Home learning & resources

From spies to submarines and life on the Home Front, Imperial War Museums is bringing history into the homes of families across the world, sharing unique and personal stories from our extraordinary collections.

Discover fascinating stories about people who lived through extraordinary events in Adventures in History, our weekly video. A new episode is released every Wednesday at 2pm - subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you don't miss an episode.

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