There's something for every family at IWM Duxford. Build your model day out with us.

Discover the stories of the men and women who lived and worked at RAF Duxford, walk in their footsteps across the mile long site and watch aircraft take to the skies on the historic airfield.

Make the most of your upcoming visit by reading our top tips. With practical information for families on how long you’ll spend at IWM Duxford, what to bring and more. 

IWM Duxford. Inspiring Stories. Iconic Aircraft.

This Easter at IWM Duxford

Girl throwing a paper dart whist family watch
Flight Academy IWM Duxford Easter 2020

IWM Duxford

Mondays & Wednesdays (6-15 April)

Girl and woman investigating an object or artefact in a box
Aeroplane Investigators IWM Duxford Easter 2020

IWM Duxford

Tuesdays (7 & 14 April)

Girl standing inside the cockpit of a Victor tanker aircraft
Cockpit Control IWM Duxford Easter 2020

IWM Duxford

Friday to Sunday (3 - 19 April)

Family mission d-day edition IWM Duxford in progress
A woman filming with her phone

Take a look at our full list of activities. Discover more.

Top Family Things to Do

  • Family looking up at the Vulcan in AirSpace
    © IWM
    Walk under the belly of a Vulcan bomber

    Discover this jet-powered, high-altitude strategic bomber and learn how aircraft fly in AirSpace.

  •  Child in flying hat at IWM Duxford
    Get into character and dress up like a pilot

    Try on a real flying jacket in the American Air Museum and become an RAF pilot officer in our Historic Duxford exhibit.

  • Spitfires flying in the skies above Duxford
    Watch one of our historic aircraft take to the sky

    Keep your eyes peeled to see our aircraft take off from our live airfield.



  • Family looking up at Concorde in AirSpace
    © IWM
    Hop on the Concorde, an aeroplane faster than the speed of sound!

    See inside this turbojet-powered supersonic airliner. Find Concorde in AirSpace

  • Family taking a Spitfire selfie
    Get a selfie with a Spitfire

    Get close to a Spitfire and Hurricane in the Battle of Britain exhibit.

  • Family mission d-day edition IWM Duxford in progress
    Prepare for the Big Jump

    Learn about the biggest invasion in history as you explore IWM Duxford.

How To Build The Model Day Out

Build Your Model Day Out

How To Build The Model Day Out

|1| Kids at the weekend
|2| Super cool parent
, Stick 1 & 2 together
|3| Mega humongous hangar, Place 1 & 2 in 3
|4| Phone
, Stick selfies online with 4
|5| Yummy lunch
, Refuel 1 with 5
|6| Real flying Spitfire
, Watch 6 to create 7
|7| Speechless kids
, Allow 7 to take hold
|8| Awesome aircraft, Affix 7 in front of 8
|9| Inspiring stories
, Place 9 carefully in heads of 7
|10| Worn out kids 

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