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Duxford Airfield
About IWM Duxford
The aerodrome at Duxford was built during the First World War and was one of the earliest Royal Air Force stations. During 1917 the Royal Flying Corps expanded and Duxford was one of a number of new stations established to train RFC aircrew. 
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The History of Duxford in 10 Facts
Tens of thousands of people currently attend Imperial War Museums’ Air Shows and the numbers are growing. Find out the history and heritage of air shows at Duxford, and how we are still creating memories for people across the UK and Europe.
Armourer Fred Roberts re-arms Supermarine Spitfire Mark IA, X4474 'QV-I', of No. 19 Squadron RAF at Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire, while the pilot, Sergeant B J Jennings, has a word with his mechanic. Manor Farm can be seen in the background.
We are a charity
We couldn’t do it without your support. Over 90,000 visitors enjoy Air Shows at IWM Duxford every year, and every ticket matters.

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IWM Duxford

Information for Traders at Air Shows

IWM Duxford

Information for Traders at Air Shows

IWM Duxford Air Shows offer vendors of all sizes an ideal opportunity to promote their goods to our visitors.
Air Show traders at IWM Duxford