Exhibitions And Displays

With nine decks to explore, there’s a lot to discover at HMS Belfast. We recommend allocating at least three hours for your visit, but many visitors stay for half a day or more.

Take a look below at our highlights, find out what visitors said about our new displays and experiences, and learn more about safety and facilities on board.

What's new on board?


“Brings fun to history.”

“And we really enjoyed playing in the kitchen on the new touchscreen games.”

“Being in the gun turret felt as if I was actually there during the landings, the noise, the guns going off.”

“I found the doctor’s room and the operating theatre really, really emotional.” 

“Steering the rest of the convoy on that game. Yeah, on the interactive game that was really good.”

“It completely exceeded how cool I thought it would be.”

We asked visitors what they thought of the new displays and interactive experiences on board HMS Belfast. Hear what they had to say. 

Come on board and discover brand-new displays and refreshed exhibition spaces, crew members stories, and new multi-sensory and interactive experiences.

Plus, don’t miss the brand-new World of Warships fully equipped free interactive gaming room on board.

HMS Belfast Displays

Things to do with your family

There's plenty to discover on board London's Warship Experience! Come on board today! 

  • Family playing lower steering position HMS Belfast

    Steer the ship yourself

    Test your skills at the Lower Steering Position. Take orders from the Captain and steer the ship leading the fleet on D-Day 1944.

  • Victors sit in the Captains Chair on board HMS Belfast
    © IWM

    Sit in the Captain's Chair

    Take the helm of this iconic warship and grab a photo as the Captain of HMS Belfast.

  • Climbing the ladders on HMS Belfast

    Climb the ladders

    With nine decks to explore, ascend and descend ladders from the engine rooms in the lower decks to the flag deck at the top of the ship.


  • Floor Plan

    To help you plan your visit in advance, please see the below link where you can download a copy of the Floor Plan and see the different decks for you to explore.

  • Accessibility

    We are committed to ensuring HMS Belfast is accessible to as many visitors as possible. There is wheelchair access to the main deck of HMS Belfast but there is no access below deck due to the nature of the ship. Weight restrictions apply when using the accessible lift on to the HMS Belfast quarterdeck. The maximum combined weight of wheelchair and user allowable is 275kg. For more information please follow the link to our accessibility guide below.

  • Lockers and luggage

    There are no cloakroom or locker facilities onboard HMS Belfast, therefore we are unable to allow access to visitors with suitcases, pull along baggage or large holdalls.

  • Shopping at HMS Belfast

    Our shops offer a wide range of inspiring and unique gifts, from books, clothing and accessories to vintage posters, homeware, toys and souvenirs, all inspired by our collections and the stories they tell. Shop in branch or online using the link below. We will not be able to accept cash, but you can still pay by card.

  • Eating and Drinking

    Enjoy our new onboard Stokers café and take a welcome break from exploring HMS Belfast’s nine decks.

    You can also visit The Bar at HMS Belfast, weather dependent. The Bar is open:

    Wednesday to Thursday: 3pm to 10pm

    Friday: 3pm to 11pm

    Saturday: Noon to 11pm

    Sunday: Noon to 7pm

  • Filming and photography

    You are welcome to take photos and video at our museums for personal, non-commercial use but please refrain from using flash or tripods. Our museums can get busy at times and we therefore ask that you do not film people without their permission. Please observe signage indicating where photography and filming is not permitted.  

  • Audio Guides

    Audio guides are available from the admissions desk prior to boarding HMS Belfast and there is no charge to use this facility.

    The audio guides are available in English, French, Italian, German, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish and Dutch.

    The audio guide lasts approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes.

  • Safety at IWM

    The safety of our visitors and staff and the preservation of our collections are of the upmost importance to IWM. We therefore kindly ask that you allow sufficient time on entry to our museums for our staff to complete their security checks to ensure this is maintained. Please do not bring any prohibited items with you as they will be confiscated. If you see any unattended bags or packages or have concerns about security issues on your visit please report this to a member of staff.  

  • Making the most of your visit

    Look out for our friendly and knowledgeable volunteers (wearing red uniforms) to find out what's happening onsite on the day of your visit and to help you make the most of your experience at HMS Belfast.

  • Donations

    IWM is a charity and relies on your support to help us preserve our unique collections for future generations. To help us preserve our collections you can donate cash or make a quick and easy contactless donation with a credit or debit card by tapping it at various locations around the museums. Alternatively you can donate online now on the link below. Thank you for supporting IWM.