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Top Products

  • product 17888 cd
    Churchill's Famous Speeches

    Fill your front room with the words of inspiration and listen to the greatest wartime speeches made by Winston Churchill.

  • Winston Churchill, pictured in 1944.

  • CWR product 22147 bust
    Small Churchill Bust

    Working from home? You need this delightful miniature bust of Winston Churchill to inspire you from your desk.

  • A security pass used by a Cabinet War Rooms employee during the Second World War.

  • product 25830 churchill poems
    Secrets Of Churchill's War Rooms

    Churchill War Rooms maybe temporarily closed, but this magnificent volume gives you exclusive access, bringing you closer than ever before to the secrets of Churchill’s wartime bunker.

  • Churchill Cookbook 1551186047 cook book
    Churchills Cookbook

    Discover the food that sustained Churchill during his ‘finest hour’.

  • product 25376 CWR mug
    Churchill Victory Mug

    Our exclusive mug design celebrates one of Winston Churchill's most memorable quotes "Victory".

  • Winston Churchill sits at his desk in the Map Room.

  • A collection of Churchill-themed items from the IWM shop

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    IWM is a charity. Every purchase you make supports the work we do.