Listed below are the core participants in the AHRC BBC Monitoring Collection Research Network:

Suzanne Bardgett (IWM Head of Research and Academic Partnerships, Principal Investigator of the AHRC BBC Monitoring Research Network)

Hilary Bishop (Editor, BBC Archive Development)

Dr Peter Busch (Senior Lecturer, War Studies, King’s College London and co-supervisor of two Collaborative Doctoral Award PhDs based on the collection)

Dr Chris Deal (former IWM PhD student)

Professor Hilary Footitt (Senior Research Fellow, French Studies, University of Reading, and Principal Investigator of ‘Languages at War’, a major AHRC-funded project carried out in collaboration with IWM)

Richard Golland (former Head of Printed Books, IWM)

Rosaleen Hughes (Visiting Research Fellow, War Studies, King’s College London and former BBC TV news producer)

Dr Laura Johnson (archivist, Bodleian Library and author of thesis ‘Establishing Broadcast Monitoring as Open Source Intelligence: The BBC Monitoring Service during the Second World War’)

Sara McCallum (former Research Officer, IWM)

Emily Peirson-Webber (Research Manager, IWM)

Meriel Royal (former Project Assistant, IWM)

Radha Satkunam (former Project Manager, BBC Archive Development)

Professor Jean Seaton (Professor of Media History and the Official Historian of the BBC, Co-Investigator of the BBC Monitoring Collection Research Network)

Bill Thompson (Head of Partnerships, BBC Archive Development)

Stephen Walton (Senior Curator, IWM)

Dr Alban Webb (Lecturer, Digital Humanities, University of Sussex and author of Longman-History Today prize-winning London Calling: the BBC World Service and the Cold War)

Dr Chris Westcott (former Director BBC Monitoring)

Rosy Wolfe (former Head of Business Development, Partnerships and Rights, BBC Monitoring)