Reflections by users and practitioners of BBC Monitoring.

How the project came into being
Suzanne Bardgett, IWM Head of Research and Academic Partnerships and Principal Investigator of the AHRC BBC Monitoring Collection Research Network

Television Monitoring
Jack Doughty, former BBC Monitor, 1963-1990

Relationship between Monitors and Editors at the BBC Monitoring Service, 1966–1980
Linda Eberst (nee Deal), former Monitor for BBC Monitoring, 1966-1980

Reflections on the BBCM-IWM workshops
Chris Greenway, Monitor for BBC Monitoring since 1981

Memories of BBC Monitoring
Karl Lehmann, BBC Monitoring 1942-1981

BBC Monitoring – the View from a Correspondent
David Loyn, former BBC foreign correspondent, most recently based in Afghanistan

Thoughts on the Translation and Open Source Intelligence workshop
Leszek Luszowicz, former Monitor for BBC Monitoring

The Importance of BBC Monitoring for Intelligence
Sir David Omand, former UK Security and Intelligence Coordinator, and UK Joint Intelligence Committee member

The Prague Spring and Warsaw Pact Invasion 1968
Elisabeth Robson, former Head of the BBC Russian Service, BBC World Service

Thoughts on the Translation and Open Source Intelligence workshop
Myriam Salama-Carr, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Manchester

BBC Monitoring and Translation
Julia Slater, former Monitor for BBC Monitoring, 1974-1995

Monitoring Moscow and South Africa during the Cold War and apartheid
Keith Somerville, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies; lecturer at the Centre for Journalism at the University of Kent; author of Radio Propaganda and the Broadcasting of Hatred: Historical Development and Definitions, Palgrave, 2012; and Africa’s Long Road Since Independence: The many histories of a continent. Hurst and Co, 2015.

BBC Monitoring: A Memoire from the 1980s to 1992
Sir John Tusa, BBC Producer, Broadcaster, Managing Director of the BBC World Service from 1986–1992

The Evolution of BBC Monitoring
Dr Chris Westcott, former Director of BBC Monitoring, 2003-2015