19 January 2016

"What is really fascinating about the research I have been conducting is the relationship between the subversive stations and the rumours that were circulating in Britain.  It gives us a way of thinking about how propaganda can, or cannot, penetrate the minds of people at war."

- Jo Fox, Durham University

"Just the few boxes that I was able to look at were adding something really quite unique to what we know about what people in these regions were being exposed to and how the belligerent powers were attempting to vie with each other for the loyalty of people in places like Iran, Iraq, India and Malaya."

- Ashley Jackson, King’s College London


This workshop, one of five organised as part of the AHRC BBC Monitoring Collection Research Network, focused on the BBC Monitoring Collection in relation to the Second World War, and took place at IWM London. Presentations were heard on a diverse array of topics including the use of radio by the Oneg Shabbas chroniclers in the Warsaw ghetto, Vichy France's radio propaganda, the activities of the Dutch Government in Exile in London and the role of the US Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). 

Papers can be downloaded here.

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