Digital Humanities lecturer Alban Webb speaking in the workshop
IWM London, Orpen Board Room, Lecture

'You’re suddenly able to look at what China is saying in its domestic and vernacular services. The same for Russian and Moscow.  What is East Germany thinking about this? What does America think about this?  So you have this global array of global broadcasters and what they understand about events that are occurring at a particular moment in a certain country. It adds a whole new layer of analysis – a comparative and transnational and international layer.' 
- Alban Webb, University of Sussex

IWM Film, BBC Monitoring and the Cold War

This workshop, one of five organised as part of the AHRC BBC Monitoring Collection Research Network, took place at IWM London and considered how the BBC Monitoring Transcript Collection could potentially enrich and develop existing historical narratives of the Cold War.

Papers can be downloaded here.

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