Many of our films are digitised and available to view online and IWM has an ongoing digitisation programme with media added to our websites as soon as it is made available.

How to research

  • IWM Collections


    Use IWM Collections to search all the IWM Collections.


    Enter a keyword and refine your search results using the filters available.

  • IWM Film


    A website designed for the specific needs of film researchers.


    Registered users to IWM Film can save selections, create clips and download time-coded screeners - see FAQ page for more information.

Can’t find what you are looking for?

Our small team of specialist film curators can assist with researching film material offline, offer expert advice on the content of our collection and deal with queries regarding the supply and licensing of broadcast quality material.

For commercial enquiries please email [email protected]

For advice on the supply and licensing of film material for non-commercial projects (i.e. personal use/academic/heritage organisation) please email [email protected]