Lee Arnott began his AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award - ‘Confronting the Masculine Military Ideal: Experiences of Gay Soldiers in the British Army after 1982’ - in October 2018. A partnership between IWM and Birkbeck College, this Oral History project will examine the issues facing gay soldiers at a time of huge organisational change within the British Army. In a 1992 survey, the vast majority of serving officers found the idea of serving with gay colleagues ‘repulsive’ and yet, eight years later, discrimination legislation legalised gay service personnel. How did the men who traversed this divide deal with their sexuality? How did they navigate the boundaries between homosocial and homosexual? What were the personas they adopted in these times of change? How recognisable as gay men could they be? By focussing on Oral History interviews, this project will investigate what it meant to be a gay soldier in times of societal and structural change.